Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Trump pledges to deport ‘millions upon millions’ if reelected in 2024 – follow live

Former President Donald Trump appears to be falling further into QAnon’s world after he reposted a video on his own Truth Social network featuring images and slogans associated with the fringe conspiracy.

Scenes such as a US Capitol building with lightning bolts and the words “It’s getting biblical,” as well as the phrase “prepare for the storm,” were among the images along with “Q” symbols. Mr Trump has previously denied knowledge of the conspiracy, despite many of his supporters and Capitol rioters being associated with it.

Ahead of his Friday appearance in Wilmington, North Carolina, some commentators have also accused the former president of “QAnon outreach” and of his support for the fringe theory,

In other news, Mr. Trump’s attorneys have been ordered to somehow say whether they really believe the FBI has placed incriminating evidence in the documents seized from Mr. Trump’s home — or that the former president is just bluffing to save face.

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