Friday, December 9, 2022

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Russian recruits refuse to go to war and mutiny on a Russian basis

Russian recruits apparently refuse to go to war. The fate of their predecessors is said to have discouraged them.

More than 100 Russian recruits at the Zoloti base near the Ukrainian border are apparently refusing to go to war. This was reported by the independent Russian portal “Sota”, citing local soldiers. The reason for their refusal is therefore the experience of a group that was stationed on the base before the mutineers: 100 soldiers who from Soloti in the

Sent to Ukraine, only one returned alive, Sota reports.

In fact, the men were supposed to retake Lyman, who had recently been liberated from Ukraine. However, the entire training of the newly mobilized men consisted of a single round of shooting at the base range. According to Sota, the facility is already known for many fatal accidents involving conscripts officially classified as suicides. The men were initially promised that they would not be sent to the front in Ukraine.

Instead, they are now intimidated by the military leadership, threatened with harassment and even imprisonment if they don’t sign contracts as enlisted soldiers. He is promised a lot of money for a war effort, but only a few men would commit, writes “Sota”.

Since the law was tightened last month, recruits like Soloti’s can no longer simply refuse orders, military expert Chris Owen tweeted. “But I guess their bosses don’t want to get involved in pursuing 100 opponents at the same time.” The radio station Radio Liberty, financed by the United States, active in the former Soviet republics, is also told about Soloti’s violence. According to the broadcaster, the base in the Belgorod border region only became operational in 2017 and has since grown, especially before the February invasion of Ukraine and after the mobilization in Russia.

Recently, there have been increasing reports of chaotic conditions during the mobilization that is expected to bring at least 300,000 new soldiers to the Kremlin for the war against Ukraine. For example, there was a mass brawl at a base near Moscow after longtime regular soldiers tried to take cell phones and clothes from the new recruits. In another case, a Russian soldier reported an odyssey in an isolated military train where the corona virus is said to be rampant. And after the “Wagner” mercenary group, the Russian regular army is now engaged in an election campaign for prison recruits.

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