Friday, December 9, 2022

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Putin offers to open Nord Stream gas tap ‘if EU wants’ – Ukraine live

Vladimir Putin claimed that Russian utilities would resume gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline if the EU asked them to.

“The ball is in the hands of the EU. If they want, they can just turn on the tap,” the Russian president said.

Recent unexplained explosions damaged the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and one of the two links of the still unused Nord Stream 2 pipeline, causing a massive gas leak and rendering them inoperable.

Europe has strongly suggested that Moscow was guilty of causing the blasts, while Russia blamed the US.

Mr Putin has repeatedly mocked the West by bringing up the prospect of sending gas through Nord Stream 2. Western Europe is unlikely to agree to his latest offer.

Earlier, Ukraine dismissed claims by the Russian security service FSB that Kiev’s military spies were behind an attack on a Crimean bridge.

The FSB this morning arrested five Russians and three citizens of Ukraine and Armenia over the Kerch Bridge bombing that damaged a vital supply line for Moscow’s armed forces in southern Ukraine.

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