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Photos Show Russian Armored Vehicle ‘Completely Blown Open’ by Ukraine Mine

Photos posted on social media captured a Russian armored vehicle that was “completely blown open” by a Ukrainian mine.

“Photos of a Russian BTR-82A from the 155th Naval Infantry Brigade destroyed by an anti-tank mine with additional HE ammunition,” Rob Lee, a senior fellow with the Foreign Policy Research Institute, wrote in a tweet. “The driver and commander were both killed but the gunner survived. The front of the vehicle was blown completely open.”

The tweet also linked to a Telegram channel for Russia’s Southern Military District. A translated version of the Telegram post said, “the crew received the task from the commander to break into the front line of the enemy in order to cover the infantry advance. During the movement, the armored personnel carrier was blown up by an anti- tank mine reinforced with high-explosive shells, as a result – the commander of the car and the driver mechanic died on the spot, the gunner survived, he was able to get out not from the car, but from a pile of metal blazing with fire.

“With the help of a drone, the scouts were able to find the gunner and advanced to him, where he was given first aid, thanks to which the soldier remained alive, and is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital.”

While it is unclear exactly where the Russian armored vehicle was destroyed in the photos, Ukraine recently claimed that it had destroyed more than 100 Russian tanks and armored vehicles in the region of Vuhledar.

Following the report from Ukraine in Vuhledar, Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis told Newsweek that the losses are “painful” for Russia.

The US and some other Western nations have already agreed to send Ukraine more tanks, including US M1 Abrams tanks and German Leopard 1 tanks.

Amid the ongoing war, which began with Russia’s invasion on February 24, 2022, there have been numerous conflicting reports from both sides.

On Tuesday, the Ukraine Defense Ministry reported on its Telegram channel that Russia was transporting “prisoners towards the Donetsk region.”

“Against the background of large losses of personnel in the war, the enemy uses alternative sources of replenishment of manpower,” the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said. “So, last week, the movement of a train with first-class carriages for the transportation of prisoners towards the Donetsk region was noted. One of the wagons contains condemned women.”

Newsweek reached out to the ministries of foreign affairs in Ukraine and Russia by email for comment. Newsweek also reached out to Lee for more information on the photos posted to Twitter.

Photos posted on social media captured a Russian armored vehicle that was “completely blown open” by a Ukrainian mine.

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