Friday, December 2, 2022

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Nuclear power plant dispute: Robert Habeck accuses Christian Lindner of blocking

The dispute over the continued operation of German nuclear power plants enters a new phase. Robert Habeck now accuses Christian Lindner of blocking a law.

Federal Minister of Economic Affairs

Robert Habeck clearly criticized Federal Finance Minister and FDP President Christian Lindner in an interview with Spiegel. The FDP should move on to the question of the operational reserve of two of the three nuclear power plants left in Germany. “If you want nuclear power plants to be able to produce electricity after December 31, you have to lead the way now,” Habeck told Der Spiegel and warned: “Time is of the essence.”

FDP leader Christian Lindner refused to pass a bill to extend the operating times of the Isar 2 and Neckarwestheim nuclear power plants in the federal cabinet last Wednesday. This has intensified the conflict over nuclear power plants. Now the law must be passed through a circular procedure so that it can be discussed in the Bundestag.

To ensure that the Bavarian Isar 2 power plant can continue to operate beyond the nuclear phase-out originally scheduled for the end of the year, repairs need to be carried out on a valve. This results in some time pressure. Federal Finance Minister Lindner wants nuclear power plants to continue running on new fuel rods until at least 2024.

Green politician Habeck sees a contradiction in Lindner’s behavior: “You can’t want longer runtimes and at the same time prevent nuclear power plants from running.” The Federal Ministry of Economy has introduced the necessary legal regulations to ensure continued operation, says Habeck. The technical conditions have been clarified with the operators.

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