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Nord Stream 2: Report reveals the mistakes made by the former federal government

A previously held secret report on Nord Stream 2 reveals a misjudgment by the old federal government. Chancellor Scholz is also involved.

Last December it released a classified appraisal of the previous one

The German government has determined that the now partially destroyed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would improve security of supply and would not endanger it due to dependence on Russia. Even today’s Chancellor did not object to the “security of supply analysis”, reports Der Spiegel from the 54-page document.

“The gas and electricity supply of the Federal Republic of Germany will not be endangered,” was a formulation. Even the “particular circumstances of the individual case” and the “principle of energy security” in the EU did not change this result.

The then Federal Minister of Economy and CDU politician Peter Altmeier forwarded the report to the approval authority, the Federal Network Agency, just two days before the end of his term, although according to Spiegel’s information he had. weeks before. The finance minister at the time and today’s Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz also signed that the second pipeline from Russia would not pose a problem.

The fact that the Russian company Gazprom is the operator of the pipeline and that half of the company belongs to the Russian state did not seem to play an important role in the assessment of the German government at the time. Gazprom “fundamentally has no influence on the volume of transited deliveries” and “only provides the transport infrastructure for suppliers and customers”, continues Der Spiegel.

The fact that this December 2021 assessment was incorrect became evident a few months later, initially with the limitation and then with the stop of gas supplies via Nord Stream 1.

The report found that “EU import dependency has increased significantly” and is now “nearly 90 percent”. However, the former federal government does not deduce from this that a second pipeline would make the dependence even greater: “In this context, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline increases the security of European supply, as it allows the supply of gas from new fields in the peninsula. by Yamal. “

Poland and the Ukrainian state gas company had also expressed concerns, to which the federal government at the time, according to Der Spiegel, did not pay much attention. From Ukraine came the indication that Gazprom had reduced gas delivery volumes through Ukrainian pipelines in autumn 2021.

Poland stressed that Russia has shown a willingness to use gas as a political tool in previous gas crises. Likewise, Poland reminded the then Ministry of Economy that Gazprom “due to overlapping personnel was directly intertwined with the Russian government and the latter could therefore exert political pressure on member states through Gazprom”.

The then Federal Ministry of Economy responded to the concerns with the response: “The BMWi has reviewed this information, but does not see sufficient evidence for a specific threat to the security of gas supply through certification.” According to information from Spiegel, the filling level of Germany’s largest gas storage facility in Rheden was less than ten percent at the time.

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