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+ News blog about the war in Ukraine + Russia is said to have lost more than 90,000 soldiers

Day 231 since the beginning of the war: missile attacks on Ukrainian cities continue. Food in Zaporizhia remains fragile. All information in the news blog.

21:10: The main democratic economic powers want the

give Ukraine further financial aid in the coming year. “Together with the international community and in close cooperation with the Ukrainian government, we will remain committed to supporting Ukraine in the coming months and years,” G7 finance ministers said Wednesday after meeting on the sidelines of the autumn IMF meeting in Moscow Washington . In 2023, the country faces a significant funding gap to ensure basic services and remedy deficiencies in critical infrastructure.

Finance ministers said Ukraine’s most pressing financial needs for the current year are covered by international support. In addition to military and humanitarian support, budget support of US $ 20.7 billion (€ 21.3 billion) has already been channeled, for a total of US $ 33.3 billion has been committed for this year.

20:49: French President Emmanuel Macron announces the delivery of anti-aircraft and radar systems to Ukraine. This will happen in the coming weeks, Macron told broadcaster France 2. In addition, work is being done with Denmark to supply more howitzers. As the intensity of Russian attacks on Ukraine has changed, the military presence in Eastern Europe must also be increased.

19:48: On Wednesday, the Ukrainian general staff recorded further Russian missile and air strikes on residential buildings and objects of civilian infrastructure. The evening report on the situation in Kiev spoke of three missile attacks and four cases of bombing by airplanes. Multiple rocket launchers have been used ten times. Of the ten targets hit, most were in the frontline areas of Zaporizhia and Mykolaiv to the south.

In addition, the Russian military continues to use Iranian-made combat drones, ten of which have been shot down. Ukrainian military data was not independently verifiable. The civil administration reported from central Ukraine’s Vinnytsia region that two of these drones had been intercepted.

Russian air strikes were less intense than on Monday, when more than 80 rockets and cruise missiles were fired. Although the Ukrainian air defense was able to intercept about half of them, according to their own statements, many electric power structures and civilian objects were hit across the country. Bullets also fell in the middle of the capital Kiev.

19:34: NATO sees no evidence that Belarus wants to take an active part in Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine. Despite the stationing of troops on the border with Ukraine, it is still believed that the country does not want to officially intervene in the war, a representative of the military alliance said on the sidelines of a meeting of defense ministers in Brussels. As a possible reason, he called the threat of sanctions from the West.

Referring to the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko, he said: “I don’t think we should doubt that Lukashenko understands that the full force of the sanctions imposed on Russia will also be used against Belarus if the Belarusian armed forces do the same kind of operations against Ukraine.”

Lukashenko recently announced the formation of a joint regional military unit between his country’s armed forces and the Russian army. However, the country of ten million people has not yet actively participated in the war of aggression against Ukraine. According to the West, however, Belarus serves Russia as a deployment and retreat area.

18:51: The Russian army is said to have lost more than 90,000 troops since the start of the war in Ukraine. This was reported by the Russian investigative platform “iStories”, citing officers of the Russian secret services. The “sunk losses” referred to in the report include casualties in action, deaths from the wounded, missing persons and those returning from war who are unable to return to military service due to their injuries.

Russia is extremely reticent about its own losses. The United States and Great Britain speak of a magnitude of between 70,000 and 80,000 troops in August and September.

18:48: US Chief of Staff Mark Milley strongly condemned Russia’s recent missile attacks in Ukraine. “In recent days, Russia has stepped up its attacks on civilian infrastructure,” Milley said Wednesday in Brussels following deliberations by Ukraine’s so-called international contact group, which coordinates arms deliveries to the country.

“Russia deliberately attacked civilian infrastructure to injure civilians. They targeted the elderly, women and children of Ukraine,” Milley said. “Indiscriminate and deliberate attacks on civilian targets are a war crime under international warfare rules.”

17:46: On Wednesday morning, the Ukrainian air force said it shot down four combat helicopters belonging to Russian troops in the south of the country. The shots would have occurred between 8:40 and 8:58, writes the Air Force on Facebook. Three of the helicopters are said to have crashed on territory held by Russia, the fourth on territory taken over by Ukraine.

The Air Force also reports attacks on two other Russian helicopters. According to the Ukrainians, the number of planes actually shot down could still increase.

17:45: At the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish colleague Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Kremlin awaits a concrete proposal for mediation from Turkey in the Ukrainian conflict. “Erdogan will probably propose something officially,” Kremlin adviser Yuri Ushakov told reporters Wednesday. He expects an “interesting and useful discussion”. The two heads of state will meet on Thursday in Kazakhstan.

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