Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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NASA: the Dart probe successfully deflects the asteroid

The emergency test was successful: for the first time, a space probe was able to change the orbit of an asteroid in the event of a collision.

According to the US space agency NASA, the first intentionally caused collision of a spacecraft with an asteroid was a success: the impact of the Dart probe in September reduced the orbit of the moon of the asteroid Dimorphos, the chief said Tuesday. NASA’s Bill Nelson. Whereas it used to take Dimorphos eleven hours and 55 minutes to orbit its older brother Didymos, it now takes eleven hours and 23 minutes.

During the defense test in late September, an unmanned probe equipped with only a camera was guided into the asteroid Dimorphos at a speed of approximately 6.6 kilometers per second. This was a first attempt to see if it was possible to change the trajectory of an asteroid in this way.

According to NASA’s calculations, Dimorphos, a species of moon from the asteroid Didymos with a diameter of about 160 meters, currently poses no danger to Earth and the mission is designed in such a way that the

The asteroid is not expected to pose any danger even after the impact of the probe. From the approximately $ 330 million mission, NASA hoped to find out how to protect Earth from approaching asteroids.

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