Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Mourners warned of waiting 16 hours as man in custody after approaching queen’s coffin

The King and Prince of Wales made a surprise visit to greet mourners queuing for the Queen in state.

Hundreds of people lined up at Lambeth, south east London, cheering and applauding as Charles and William emerged.

Many took pictures and pressed against the metal barriers, eager to exchange a word with the king and the heir apparent as they shook hands with those close to them.

Several also shouted “God Save the King”, “God Save the Prince of Wales” and “hip, hip, hooray” as they passed by.

It’s because paramedics have treated more than 700 people who queued in London to view the Queen’s casket.

The heads of the London Ambulance said they were caring for 710 patients, between the start of the state and midnight Friday, along the driving route and surrounding areas, including Hyde Park, Whitehall and Millbank.

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