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Lower Saxony elections: “The FDP should leave the government”

The FDP stumbles after the disastrous state elections. Many t-online readers harshly criticize the party, but some don’t give up.

Four state elections with

bad results in a row: The FDP is not in good condition. Is traffic light steering not good for you or is it simply poorly positioned in terms of content or staff?

Miriam Hollstein, t-online’s chief political reporter, suggests the party practice self-criticism instead of presenting itself as a victim (read her comment here). T-online political journalist Tim Kummert criticizes the lack of content. You can read his Tuesday “Daybreak” here or listen to it here:

We wanted to hear from t-online readers how they view the situation of the Free Democrats. Most of those who have followed the call of our readers give you bad news. Few believe that he will be able to regain his composure.

It is surprising that the FDP failed to overcome the five percent hurdle in the Lower Saxony elections on Sunday Dirk Niebuhr not: “The whole flyer was just to garner votes – but unfortunately not with compelling content, but in the cheap populist way I’m used to otherwise from AfD and Die Basis.”

The party is in a better position among young people than in the general population, which explains Lower Saxony by the fact that they are inexperienced and want simple solutions. “For them, voting directly for the AfD is not (yet) an option, because these voters apparently believe that the populism of the FDP is not as bad as that of the AfD and that therefore they would not be so far from the right. “.

“The FDP is (and probably will remain) the party of choice for neoliberal profiteers in our country. It is inflated to a political significance that it does not deserve in any way through the party’s highest donations,” he said. Gunter Kalinka.

“Unfortunately, too many voters are caught up in the hype about the concept of freedom alone. The FDP has nothing to offer for the continued collective existence of our society. The main thing is to protect affluent customers from tax increases for the highest incomes.” .

The t-online reader is particularly shocked that young people follow “inconsistent people” like Christian Lindner. “I am very happy that although young voters, along with the Greens, tend to support the FDP above average, the number of voters in the entire electorate is too small to help the FDP have a bright future.”

“The FDP, which I have belonged to for a long time, undoubtedly has its flaws, some of which also come to light in the traffic light steering. But it’s hard to say it’s not fit for governing,” he says. Federico Ellinger.

“In order to prevent excessive waste of money to some extent, Lindner has applied for the position of finance minister. If he now seeks as such to keep public debt within limits, which prevent future generations from falling on their feet, it will be attacked from all sides, including its ruling coalition partners, “our readers noted.

“Joining a coalition means compromising. But it doesn’t mean having to throw your targets completely overboard, but that’s exactly what the FDP currently requires. In principle, it’s very well suited to rule. Whether they do so. in this traffic a light government may have a chance it is more than doubtful “.

Brigitte Kleemann he replies: “The traffic light parties signed their coalition agreement before February 24, 2022, unbeknownst to the current crises. Contrary to the FDP, the SPD and the Greens are reducing their targets to defuse the crisis.”

He says, “As finance minister, Mr. Lindner would now have the ability to ‘govern right’. He should start doing it, please. The FDP and Mr. Lindner are insisting on principles incorrigibly. Citizens believe that this is the case. is not appropriate to the situation and they are even punishing it with migrating AfD voters off – in protest. It’s bizarre. “

“One piece of the puzzle for the defeat in Lower Saxony was surely Lindner’s pompous wedding. This costly celebration was the water for his career in these difficult times for the population, who practiced renunciation,” he suspected. Brigitte Kaiser.

“If the FDP continues to remain so pale in the background of federal politics and cannot pursue its own ideas, it will again be expelled from parliament in the next federal elections. As a simple citizen, I still don’t know what FDP really wants to change or what the setting priority. Debt brakes can’t really be the only goal. “

Klaus Slats he writes: “It is regrettable that the FDP is sidelined. Apparently, the majority of voters trust the green ideologues more. In order for the FDP not to completely lose its image, the party should leave the government.”

The t-online reader states: “In the past, the FDP helped shape Germany. They were capable FDP politicians who made a significant contribution to our country’s development.” He believes the party has more creative power than the Greens.

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