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Jeffrey Dahmer Now: Where’s the Serial Killer Today?

Where is Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer now? Is he alive today?

No. Jeffrey Dahmer is dead. The serial killer and cannibal, who primarily murdered gay men in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was murdered at Columbia Correctional Institution, a Wisconsin prison, on November 28, 1994.

Dahmer’s crimes were horrific. Victims’ bodies were disintegrated in a barrel in his Milwaukee apartment building, and he practiced cannibalism.

Dahmer’s murders are getting renewed attention as a result of a new Netflix series. “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” began streaming on September 21, 2022. “Over more than a decade, 17 teenage boys and young men were murdered by convicted murderer Jeffrey Dahmer. How did he escape arrest for so long?” asks the Netflix site for the show.

But no one has to worry about Jeffrey Dahmer now.

Here’s what you need to know:

A 1994 Wisconsin State Journal article, accessible at, says Christopher Scarver, the inmate who killed Dahmer, said he “smashed Jeffrey Dahmer’s head with a metal bar and left him gurgling on the floor.”

“God told me to do it,” Scarver said according to that article.

The article says that Scarver, then 25, killed both Dahmer and wife killer Jessue Anderson “while the three were cleaning a gymnasium”.

The State Journal article reported that Scarver “sang” as he walked into the courtroom. The lyrics read: “Believe in love. Let love be the light to guide the way.”

A 1994 Associated Press article, also accessible at, stated that Dahmer died after being taken off a ventilator. Anderson, who killed his wife in a stabbing outside a Milwaukee restaurant, died in a hospital. Anderson had falsely attributed the murder to an innocent black man, according to Media Milwaukee.

Dahmer had been ordered to clean a prison toilet when he was attacked, the article said.

Scarver, who was also serving a life sentence for murder, was the “sole suspect,” according to the AP.

The story quoted Columbia County Sheriff James D. Smith as saying that “eight people were in the recreation area of ​​the prison around the time of the attacks, including two guards, a recreation director and other inmates.”

Anderson and Dahmer were found in different locations; Dahmer was discovered in a staff bathroom “in a pool of blood,” while Anderson was discovered in a locker room, according to the AP.

The AP article states that a “bloody broomstick” has been found near Dahmer.

Who was Scarver? He shot a man three times in the head “and demanded more money from the victim’s associate after each shot,” according to the AP, and he “told a psychiatrist he was the son of God.”

He was given a life sentence for that crime in 1992.

Dahmer has been nicknamed “Milwaukee Monster” and “Milwaukee Cannibal”. A jury rejected his plea for insanity and he was serving life sentences when he was murdered in prison.

Today Scarver, now 53, is in prison but was sent abroad, according to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections database.

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