Friday, December 2, 2022

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Increase in patients with corona – clinics warn of overload

German hospitals have significantly more patients with corona disease. The increase and staffing problems are causing problems for the clinics.

The German hospital society is registering more coronary patients again. “We have a significant growth in Covid positive patients. Compared to the previous week, employment has increased by 50 percent,” CEO Gerald Gass told the editorial network.

Germany (RND). “With around 19,000 patients testing positive, we are currently at the height of the summer wave.” Gass warned: “We are heading for extremely difficult weeks across the board and not just in southern Germany.”

According to him, further problems are causing clinics to be under staffed. The increase in coronary patients also means greater protection against infections and therefore more work. Gass complained of a “devastating triad” of staff shortages due to the Crown and other respiratory diseases, the economic pressure of inflation and bureaucracy. “All this will involve the postponement of services by the hospitals and the temporary cancellation of the wards.”

The number of coronary-infected patients in ICUs has also recently increased significantly: it was 1,660 on Tuesday, according to the ICU registry of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Critical Care and Emergency Medicine. The head of the registry, Christian Karagiannidis, told the RND that “probably about 50 percent” of the patients should also be treated for Covid-19, so the rest would not have made it to ICU due to the infection. “However, all patients must be isolated and coronary infection can worsen the prognosis of patients with other diseases.”

Karagiannidis also warned of the shortage of staff ahead of the intensive care units: “In some regions of Bavaria, Hesse and several cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, we already have hotspots where there are almost no ICU free beds left because staff are often symptomatic and are absent for a longer period of time, “he said. “We have to adapt to this in many other parts of Germany in the coming weeks.”

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