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Ian Baunach: Florida Bodybuilder Charged With Killing Ex-Wife And Cremating Body

Ian Christopher Baunach is the Florida man accused of murdering his ex-wife before cremating her body on his property. Katie Samantha Baunach, 39, was reported missing on September 30. Detectives from the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office said investigators have confirmed that the human remains found on Ian Baunach’s property belonged to Katie.

Here’s what you need to know.

A witness told police she last saw Katie Baunach alive on Thursday, Sept. 29, according to a press release from the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office. The boyfriend had been monitoring Katie’s two children, who Katie shared with Ian.

The friend said she was babysitting the two children while Katie went to Ian Baunach’s house to pick up some personal belongings. According to a federal charge, Katie dropped off the children around 9 p.m. on Sept. 29. The report states: “This was the last time Katie Baunach was seen alive.”

Katie never came back to pick up the kids. The girlfriend called the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office the next morning, September 30, and told officers she was “concerned” for Katie’s safety. According to deputies, other friends and family members also reported that they had not heard from Katie and that she did not answer her cell phone.

The officers went to Ian Baunach’s house, but no one answered. According to federal charges, police found Katie’s vehicle in the driveway. Her wallet was also in the car. The officers left the property for a short time and when they returned, Katie’s vehicle had been moved to the street.

According to the Hendry County Sheriff’s press release, officers were given a search warrant to search the house. The release did not provide details on when deputies eventually contacted Ian Baunach.

Investigators said they found “a large number of steroids” in the house and Baunach admitted the steroids were his. He was arrested and charged with 13 counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. Prisoner records show that Baunach was admitted to Hendry County Prison on Oct. 1.

According to the federal complaint, Baunach waived his Miranda rights and agreed to speak with investigators on Oct. 1. He said Katie Baunach called him about needing gas for her vehicle. He admitted that she had been at his house and that they had argued over another woman. Ian Baunach said he went to bed “because he didn’t want to argue”, claiming that Katie was gone by the time he woke up, and that he had moved her vehicle from his property.

Federal officials are involved in this case because investigators said they found multiple unregistered firearms and silencers in Ian Baunach’s home. He was charged in federal court on a count of possession of an unregistered firearm.

The federal suit filed in Florida’s Middle District contains additional details about what investigators found when they searched Ian Baunach’s home in Hendry County, Florida. The report says law enforcement officers received a second search warrant after they found “evidence that a murder had taken place there.”

Investigators looked into Baunach’s vehicle, which was parked in the garage. They put the chemical luminol in the trunk of the vehicle. The report explains that luminol glows blue when it comes into contact with blood. The report says, “The interior of Baunach’s trunk glowed blue after police applied the luminol.”

Officers said they also found evidence of a physical struggle in the hallway between the garage and the foyer. According to the complaint, investigators found damage to the wall, “exposed screws in the wall where an object appeared to have been mounted previously” and a broken mirror. They also found more traces of blood in the hallway and on three different walls.

According to the complaint, Baunach said all the blood in his vehicle was “due to groceries he carried”. He denied the presence of blood in the house, claiming that the mirror was broken because he had been bumped into it.

Ian Bauanch also disputed the idea that Katue Baunach was a “missing person.” According to the indictment, Ian Baunach stated that law enforcement officers “had no agency”.

The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office revealed that on Oct. 1, detectives found human remains on Ian Baunach’s property and identified the remains as Katie’s property.

The federal complaint contained more details. Officials claimed that Katie Baunach was wearing her wedding and engagement ring when she left her boyfriend’s house on Sept. 29. Both rings were discovered in a safe at Ian Baunach’s home. The federal complaint also states:

In addition to the 13 charges for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, prisoner records show that Ian Baunach is also facing the following charges:

Ian Baunach has denied killing his ex-wife and pleaded not guilty, WFTL radio reported. Prisoners’ records show he is being held without bail in the Hendry County Jail.

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