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Gas, war, nuclear attack: how dangerous is Vladimir Putin for the Germans?

Russia invaded Ukraine. Is Vladimir Putin a danger for Germany too? A poll shows the opinion of the Germans.

The war in the

Ukraine blew up a diplomatic crater between Germany and Russia. Putin has evolved from an awkward negotiating partner into an aggressor who has launched a war of aggression in Europe. And he threatens Ukraine, but also the West, with the use of nuclear weapons.

Opinion research institute Civey asked t-online: “Do you think Russia under Vladimir Putin poses a threat to Germany?” More than two thirds (71%) of the respondents answered “yes” or “rather yes”. (Survey period 12 September – 12 October 2022)

Even in long-term observation, the result is clear. The attitude of the Germans has hardly changed since March 2022.

The curve also shows that the atrocities and turning points so far have had little impact on the statistics. Neither the Bucha massacre (April 2022) nor the leaked pro-Russian fake news campaign (summer 2022) significantly influenced public opinion.

The question of the danger to Germany is polarizing. According to the survey, only one in twenty is undecided (five to six percent).

Green supporters (89 percent “Yes”) are in full agreement that Russia under Putin poses a threat to Germany. Quite the opposite for AfD supporters: nearly two thirds voted “No” or “rather no” (61 percent). Leftists see it the same way. For nearly two-fifths (43%) of them, Russia under Putin poses no threat to Germany.

There is also a gap between east and west. In the east, about a third (33%) think Russia under Putin poses no threat. There are far fewer in the West. There, only one fifth (20%) voted “No”. This may also have something to do with party preferences: in East German states, the AfD and the left are much more successful.

This text refers to an ongoing opinion poll. The item taken into account voting behavior until 12.10.2022. Civey has asked adult German citizens online since March 4: “Do you think Russia under Vladimir Putin poses a threat to Germany?” In some evaluations, only the answers of 12.09. until 12.10. a. The figure is representative for the shares and weights, taking into account the statistical error of 2.5 percentage points; the sub-questions may differ. Further explanations on the methodology can be found here.

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