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Eurojackpot Tuesday 11 October 2022: the current winning numbers

With up to € 120 million, Eurojackpot is one of the largest lotteries. Every Tuesday and Friday you have the opportunity to enrich yourself with the correct winning numbers. All information and prices can be found here.

In the draw on Friday 7 October 2022, no lucky ones wagered on the correct winning numbers. The total in

The euro jackpot on Tuesday is therefore € 54 million. You can find out here with us if you bet on the correct winning numbers in the drawing.

(All statements without guarantee)

There is an Android app here.
There is an iOS app here.

(All statements without guarantee)

What happens when the jackpot dream comes true: you should pay attention to this. And how long do lottery players have to collect their winnings? You can read the most important questions and answers about the winning period and whether you have to pay taxes on lottery winnings here.

The bet costs two euros per betting field. There is also a one-time processing fee per ticket. If you want to play, you don’t have to hand over your paper ticket to the lottery acceptance point. It can also be played online on the websites of lottery companies in the federal states or with the t-online lottery service. The deadline for accepting a lottery ticket is Friday and Tuesday at 7pm for paper lottery tickets and 6:45 pm for online betting.

A transnational lottery format was launched on 23 March 2012 with the Eurojackpot. Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands and Slovenia have been involved since day one. Italy has participated in the draw since April 2012. Spain was added in July of the same year and in the following years the group of participants has expanded to a total of 18 countries.

The draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday in the Finnish capital Helsinki, under the supervision of the local police. With the Eurojackpot a jackpot of at least ten million is guaranteed and a maximum prize of up to 120 million euros is possible. For the main prize, players must correctly guess five numbers out of 50 and two out of a total of twelve euro numbers. The chance of winning the main prize (class 1) is 1: 139.838.160. For the lowest prize class (class 12) two correct numbers of 50 and one correct euro number are sufficient. Here the chance is 1 in 49.

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