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Climate discussion at the “Maischberger”: Thunberg supports more extreme climate protests

Greta Thunberg wants “Maischberger” to have tougher climate protests. Wolfgang Kubicki surprises with her confession: he “digs” his colleagues and finds nothing in it.

The Swedish climate activist

Greta Thunberg also sat in front of Parliament in Stockholm on Friday before the interview with Sandra Maischberger. But some four years after the start of your “Fridays for Future” movement, the cultural change you have advocated against the “emergency” of the climate crisis has not materialized.

Parts of his movement would then protest more and more radically on the street, the ARD reporter said and asked: What do you think of this? “I think we have to use civil disobedience if practiced correctly,” Thunberg replied.

Shortly before the conversation, previously recorded in Stockholm, aired, Thunberg shared a video of the arrest of scientist Julia Steinberger on Twitter. The Lausanne university professor got stuck with one hand on a motorway interchange.

In the first, Thunberg warned that parts of the movement could radicalize out of frustration. This is also why it is important to finally treat the climate crisis as an emergency, comparable to the corona pandemic, and to fight it with similar determination.

According to the Swede, the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine should not be a reason to lose sight of the climate crisis. “Every war is a disaster. But we have to be able to face different things at the same time,” he asked. But war is also taking a back seat for many given energy prices.

The fact that Thunberg had pleaded in conversation with Maischberger to let the remaining German nuclear plants continue to operate instead of relying on coal had brought her applause from unknown corners of German politics, including CDU leader Friedrich Merz.

Funk presenter Eva Schulz rated another tweet from the 19-year-old as a counter-reaction. In it, Thunberg criticized the opportunists who, in the fight against the crisis, would have collected only a few “raisins” from the measure cake and ignored the rest.

FDP leader Christian Lindner presented Thunberg’s statement as endorsement of his party’s position. Liberals urgently need to collect extra points. After the electoral defeat in Lower Saxony, he announced ominously: “We are rethinking the role of the FDP in the coalition”. Maischberger therefore wanted to get information from the Federal Vice-President of the FDP Wolfgang Kubicki. “No, no responsible FDP politician is playing to break the traffic light,” he assured him.

However, the vice-president of the Bundestag left no doubts about the creaking of traffic lights. “When we started, we had a common spirit. Meanwhile, it creates the impression that this common spirit no longer exists,” said Kubicki. “Either we go back there or we will see that everyone does their thing in the coalition. We are still in the coalition, but then there will be no more common projects”.

“I still don’t get it right …” Maischberger raised the question. “I can’t help you there either,” Kubicki laughed, only to come back immediately. “‘Sorry. He was rude. I’ll take him back,” he said. “Everything returns,” the landlady replied calmly. Maybe she too, because she had a nasty surprise in store for her jovial guest.

In one book, former FDP political leader Silvana Koch-mehrin raises serious allegations of sexism against her party and describes a climate in which she was constantly exposed to lewd comments and even unwanted touches from colleagues.

Kubicki initially presented this to Maischberger as a problem of the past: “Since Christian Lindner and I took responsibility for the party, this has been completely eliminated. We have shop representatives wherever we can go.”

But then the presenter compared it to a statement from an interview with “Zeit” from 2010. In it, Kubicki had frankly said that he had once “annoyed” Koch-mehrin in a bar. Maischberger wanted to know: does such a thing also belong to the past?

“Flirting is still possible, at least I hope so,” Kubicki replied. “Is it flirting?” the landlady wondered. “Yes, in Schleswig-Holstein, beating means flirting”, the liberal preferred to answer the question linguistically.

Here, too, Maischberger did not understand the guest well. He wanted to know: If the whole thing was so harmless, why did Kubicki leave the cafe in a hurry when Koch-mehrin’s husband unexpectedly appeared? “Suddenly there was a guy standing next to me who was three times taller than me and twice as wide and who also looked quite fit. So I thought to myself: it might be better if you go “Kubicki explained his instinct to flee.

So you still think it’s okay today? Maischberger wanted to know. “Flirting? Always,” Kubicki said. Maischberger was able to ask Koch-Mehrin that he did not find her behavior offensive at the time. “Okay, I ask him,” said the reporter.

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