Friday, December 2, 2022

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“CL +” – Lindner starts her podcast

Finance Minister Lindner goes among the podcast moderators. His first guest has already been chosen.

Head of the FDP

Christian Lindner is launching his podcast and wants to present his vision of contemporary issues. In the first episode, which will be released on Thursday, he argues that Western values ​​must be supported by economic success for a plan by Russian President Vladimir Putin to fail. “Putin’s bet is that our democratic societies will not be able to withstand the long-term loss of prosperity associated with more expensive energy imports,” Lindner said.

Putin said: “The West is weak”. Populists might take it. Lindner, who is the federal minister of finance, says: “So the task is: we must also uphold our values ​​through economic success, so that we can achieve exactly that: keeping companies together, providing opportunities, providing security.” The quotes from the “CL +” podcast were sent to the German news agency in advance.

Lindner’s first guest is press officer, moderator and attorney Michel Friedman. Topics concern how society deals with uncertainties, the relationship between prosperity and freedom, and liberal democracy in the global competition of systems. “Now we are starting to understand that China is not only a trading partner, but also a systemic rival and also a competitor in the world, a competitor fighting for dominance, and we are adapting to this and the German economy is adapting. to this, “Lindner says. Changes are “a challenge for the prosperity of a society, at least in the conversion phase”.

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