Friday, December 9, 2022

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Biden wants to reconsider relations with Saudi Arabia

The United States wants to test its relationship with Saudi Arabia. The triggers are the cuts in oil production, which could help Russia.

The production cuts of the oil alliance Opec + have put a strain on the relationship between the two

USA and Saudi Arabia. The White House on Tuesday signaled a willingness to reassess relations with its longtime ally. US senators from Biden’s Democratic Party had previously called for military cooperation with Saudi Arabia to be largely halted, as the country was supporting Russia in the war of aggression against Ukraine by accepting the cut in funds.

US President Joe Biden stressed that relations with Saudi Arabia must be examined in light of the funding decision, said National Security Council communications director John Kirby of the CNN news channel. “And he’s willing to work with Congress to consider what those relationships should look like in the future,” he said. Biden wants to start these talks immediately.

Biden spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre said at a press conference: “With the decision made by OPEC + last week, they are definitely aligning with Russia, and right now is not the right time to align with Russia. Russia”.

Kirby made it clear that the US held Saudi Arabia largely responsible for the production cut – the country was clearly the leader of the cartel, he said in an interview with reporters. The decision will help Russia at a time when the United States is convinced that no one should support Kremlin head Vladimir Putin.

The day before, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez had called for a broad freeze on military cooperation with Saudi Arabia, including arms deliveries. His colleague Dick Durbin released a similar statement on CNN: “We now know that the Saudis have turned their backs on us. They would rather be allied with Putin than with the United States.” Democrats currently hold a narrow majority in the House of Representatives and control the Senate. Parliamentary elections are scheduled for November.

The oil alliance, of which Saudi Arabia is an important member, announced last Wednesday that it would produce two million barrels (159 liters) of oil less per day starting in November. It’s the biggest cut in oil production in a long time. The US, on the other hand, has been asking OPEC + for months to open the oil tap, also in the interest of the global economy.

Biden traveled to Saudi Arabia in July and faced criticism in the United States. Among other things, he was accused of ignoring human rights violations in Saudi Arabia to lower oil and gas prices.

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