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Are Royals Embalmed? The queen’s chest is lined with lead, not empty

Are royals embalmed? Is Queen Elizabeth’s casket empty? These questions have sparked conspiracy theories as the British monarch is in the state for days.

The first question was trending on Google after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. According to the Daily Star, a British publication, the Queen “will not be buried or cremated in the same way as most of her subjects.”

According to Newsweek, conspiracy theories claim that Queen Elizabeth II’s body “isn’t actually in the coffin” lying in state. Some people think it’s empty. There’s no proof, but this conspiracy theory is true, and there’s another reason the queen’s coffin can remain in the state for so long: lead.

In fact, the lead liner of the coffin allows the body to last longer, meaning the coffin is not empty or would not be needed. USA reported today that Queen Elizabeth II’s casket was “made decades ago with a lead lining that makes it particularly heavy”.

Here’s what you need to know:

As Daily Star notes, the Queen’s body is in her coffin and will be until September 19. According to Data Lounge, the coffin will be in state for 10 days.

How is that possible? According to the Daily Star, some former queens were embalmed, including Queen Elizabeth I.

However, Queen Victoria refused to be embalmed after a report that Queen Elizabeth’s “body and head” exploded “due to a buildup of gases,” the Daily Star reported.

According to History Extra, Queen Victoria left specific instructions for her funeral:

It’s not clear whether Queen Elizabeth II was embalmed, according to the Daily Star, but royals are buried in lead-lined coffins to slow the decomposition of the body.

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin is closed, according to CBC. The coffin is “cloaked to the royal standard and adorned with her crown,” NBC News reported.

CBC also noted:

According to, “The chest was made 30 years ago from English oak and lined with lead and is estimated to be at least 550 pounds, or a quarter ton, and anywhere up to 700 pounds.”

According to Town and Country, the Queen’s final resting place next to her parents, husband and Princess Margaret will be in “Windsor Castle’s King George VI Memorial Chapel.”

Margaret was cremated so her remains could fit next to her parents, the magazine reported.

“Princess Margaret was cremated, one of the first members of the royal family, because she wanted to be buried between her parents and there was really only room for ashes,” Lady Glenconner, a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, explained in a documentary, according to City. and Country.

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