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After the flood in the Ahr Valley: the Minister of the Interior of Rhineland-Palatinate resigns

134 people died in the flood of 2021. Now the interior minister of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate has drawn consequences.

Interior Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate Roger Lewentz (SPD) has resigned. The resignation has to do with videos that are supposed to show the minister’s misconduct during the flood, reports SWR.

The prime minister

Malu Dreyer appeared before the press with Lewentz at 11:30 am. She confirmed the minister’s resignation and praised her work in recent years. “Humanly and concretely” you have done a lot.

“The victims of the flood disaster had to go through unimaginably terrible things,” Lewentz said. From morning he was on the spot almost every day. He no longer recognized the beautiful Ahr Valley, he was devastated by it. “Nobody can leave it cold”. It hurts even more to be titled and evaluated as emotionally cold. Only a few days later he could really understand what exactly had happened. If he got a cold impression when he saw the videos from a helicopter, he is sorry. “I didn’t really want to hurt people’s feelings.” No one could have imagined such a flood disaster in Germany. “There have been mistakes in my area of ​​responsibility too, but no cover-ups.”

Lewentz also admitted that the reports had not come to him in a timely manner. So far, he has always been reliably informed. The helicopter squadron report had not been sent to him. “Not good for a minister.” he said at a press conference on Wednesday.

The Interior Minister was criticized for the police videos of the night of the disaster that were only recently made public and for the subsequent report of the deployment of helicopter pilots to the Ministry of Interior. According to the police, the video recordings, which were accidentally forgotten, show people in dire need during the flood.

The discussion recently focused on the question of when the minister had enough information on the night of 14 to 15 July 2021 to be able to recognize the catastrophic event and react to it. At least 134 people lost their lives in the flash flood, which began in the evening on the upper reaches of the Ahr and reached its confluence with the Rhine early in the morning.

Lewentz had explained to the commission of inquiry that he had not had a complete picture of the situation on the night of the flood. He saw the films that have now emerged in the investigative committee only at the end of September. The written report was not discussed at the meeting at the end of September. The police admitted they were late in sending the films to the prosecutor’s office and the investigative commission. The CDU and the AfD in the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament had previously called for Lewentz’s resignation.

In April, Green Policy Anne Spiegel resigned as Federal Minister of Family Affairs. She was minister of the environment in Rhineland-Palatinate at the time of the flood and left for France ten days later for a four-week family vacation. The Greens’ policy justified this by saying that the vacation was necessary due to the great burden placed on her family.

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