Friday, December 2, 2022

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A woman asks Putin to hit Dresden on video

A woman from Mittweida asked Russian President Putin for assistance in a video. You in it you ask for a shot on Dresden.

On Tuesday, a video appeared on social media in which a Russian-speaking woman was president

Vladimir Putin indirectly asked for Dresden to be bombed as well. The video was reportedly shot on Monday during a pro-Ukrainian demonstration in the capital of the Saxon state.

It shows the protesters at an evening rally, filmed from afar. A female voice is heard saying: “Wladimir, you haven’t done enough today. Here in Dresden you can even strike once.” She had given the hashtags “Idotie”, “Indeutschland” and “Dresden” in Russian. On Monday, Russia fired dozens of rockets at Ukraine. There were also impacts in the capital Kiev.

Saxony police said on Twitter that they secured the video and submitted the facts for review. The Federal Criminal Police Office also confirmed that Saxon colleagues dealt with the incident.

The TikTok account of “Alena Dirksen” is no longer accessible, as well as an Instagram page in her name. Previously, however, many users had downloaded the clip. It was distributed, among other things, on the media site “Nexta TV”. According to information from the “Bild” newspaper, the woman is a thirty-year-old German from the Volga who runs a Russian restaurant in Mittweida. She is said to have recently complained to the press about hostilities and death threats against her.

The woman told Bild that the video was partially misrepresented. “I never asked for Dresden to be bombed.” But she was wrong to make the video where she said protesters were to be beaten, not bombed. She also regretted the video sent to “Bild” by e-mail and pointed out that she was very stressed due to the constant insults.

On Monday there was a demonstration in Leipzig against the federal government’s policy towards Russia. There have been incidents with pro-Ukrainian counter-protesters. They were called “Nazis” and Ukrainian refugees were accused of “living here at our expense”. On Tuesday afternoon, Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung and Saxony Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer condemned the bullying of Ukrainians.

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