Thursday, December 1, 2022

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A shocked energy customer has said she owes £44,000 for a one-bedroom flat

An energy client was stunned to see her bill accidentally soared to a staggering £44,000, it has been reported.

Julie Lines, not her real name, was told by her supplier Ovo earlier this year that she owed the staggering sum.

Customers across the UK have been hit by soaring gas and electricity bills in recent months, fueled by Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

Data errors and inflated energy forecasts have led to many customers being wrongly charged with astronomical bills.

Ms Lines said Ovo told her she owed £44,800 for just two months’ supply of her one-bed flat.

she said The guard that the firm – which bought SSE’s retail division in 2020 – had asked her to send her photos of their meter “because Ovo thought there was a problem”.

“I did this and my account went from £600 in balance to £19,000 in debt,” she added.

Ms Lines said when she contacted Ovo, the energy company assured her it was a mistake.

Despite this, her bill went up again in September, bringing the total amount owed on her account to £44,800.

Ovo has admitted that some customers have been affected by meter reading errors.

It said this was due to some SSE accounts being transferred to Ovo, which resulted in a discrepancy between the opening and closing counts. The guard said.

Ms Line was paid compensation for the error.

She’s not the only person stunned by Ovo sending out a £40,000 bill.

A couple were shocked after receiving a statement from Ovo estimating their annual bill at £40,052 – more than 20 times the energy price cap.

Whenever they questioned the apparent error, Ovo admitted an error, saying it should have been even higher: £52,235.

The estimate eventually turned out to be based on incorrect meter readings and was revised after the Ovo couple provided more readings.

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