Friday, December 9, 2022

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A Polish operator discovers a leak in the Druzhba pipeline

The Russian pipeline called “Friendship” has a leak. Russian oil is delivered to much of central Europe via the pipeline.

At the Druzhba pipeline

According to the Polish operator PERN, Russia has leaked. This was discovered on Tuesday night, the company announced Wednesday. It was discovered in a section of the line about 70 kilometers from the central Polish city of Plock. The causes of the escape are currently unknown.

The Druzhba pipeline is one of the largest in the world and supplies Russian oil to much of central Europe, including Germany, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria. The pipeline’s name means “friendship” in Russian. It also supplies the East German refinery Schwedt, which is majority owned by Russian owner Rosneft. Germany no longer wants to use Russian oil since the end of the year.

The second line of the pipeline is said to function normally. This also applies to other areas of the PERN infrastructure. “At this point, all PERN services (technical, operational, plant fire brigade and environmental protection) are acting according to the algorithms required for this type of situation,” said the operator.

A spokesperson for the Czech pipeline operator MERO said that no changes in flows in the Czech Republic have been identified so far.

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