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How you can do your health good with water treatments

Even the Greeks knew that cold or hot water can help with numerous ailments. The term Sanus for aquam or SPA for short today indicates countless wellness treatments that do not necessarily always have something in common with natural water.

But the healing effects of water were not only appreciated in antiquity. The Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp and the “water doctor” Vincenz Prießnitz chose water in various forms as their main medicine and thus introduced water therapy to a large section of the population. Then as today, depending on the symptoms, water is used in its various aggregate states: in liquid form, as vapor or in its solid form as ice. The stimulus of temperature is almost always used in therapy to control acute and chronic health problems. Water therapy – also called “hydrotherapy” – has been one of the five pillars of naturopathy since the time of the pastor Kneipp.

Contemporary of the Kneipp path was Margarete Retterspitz. As a young woman, she was given a medical formula for a body wrap that enriched the water with herbal ingredients. She quickly recognized their great potential and used them not only for skin and beauty care, but soon also for the treatment of diseases. The beginning of a success story. The drive and inventiveness of this charming woman still survives in the products of

Retterspitz further. The traditional company of the same name is still family owned and still produces the unique medicinal packaging liquid that is as popular today as it was 120 years ago.

Not surprisingly, why wrap it up with Spitz rescuer outside to do well. In this form of physical therapy, the processes of cellular metabolism are accelerated and blood circulation is promoted. The application is particularly suitable for swelling, hematomas and inflammation in the area of ​​the musculoskeletal system, for chronic inflammatory rheumatic joint diseases, for activated arthrosis or after sports injuries. Even with a sore throat or insect bites it is a Rescuer’s Spitz wrap a delight and highly recommended. The special combination of effective hydrotherapy and supportive ingredients allows for a wide range of applications and is therefore suitable not only for the medicine cabinet, but also for use in competitive sports or clinics.

Try it and discover the beneficial power of water. You are doing something really good for yourself and your health.

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