Monday, December 5, 2022

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Back pain: when does the heat help and when does the cold help?

When there is a draft in the back, many people first have a thought: heat is needed. However, heat isn’t the best choice for every back pain.

In some cases, it can even be cold

relieve back pain. This is what Munther Sabarini, neurosurgeon of the Avicenna Clinic in Berlin underlines.

For example, if there is a bruise, acute inflammation, or a pinched nerve. According to the doctor, cold slows the transmission of painful stimuli to the brain. This is useful for things like herniated disc, low back pain, or sciatic pain.

And when does the heat help? For muscle tension or chronic pain, advises Sabarini. Because the heat promotes blood circulation and therefore relaxation.

But the basic rule is: these measures do not eliminate the cause, but only act on the symptoms. They are not a substitute for medical treatment.

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