Sunday, November 27, 2022

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You have to look twice at Queen Máxima’s glamorous robe

On the second day of their trip to Sweden, Máxima and Willem-Alexander attended a concert. The Dutch woman’s dress revealed less than it looked.

Queen Máxima showed up in an extravagant dress during a visit to a concert at the Stockholm Concert Hall. At first glance, this suggested that the 51-year-old was wearing a strapless style with a Carmen neckline. Upon closer inspection, however, it became clear that the dress had a more classic T-shirt cut at the top, made of a slightly sheer fabric.

In this way, especially from a distance, the dress looked much more revealing than it actually was. For example in the photo on König’s official Instagram profile

William Alexander and Queen Máxima can be seen. It shows the Dutch royal couple together with their guests from Sweden: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia, as well as Prince Charles Philip and Princess Sofia.

A close-up of Máxima, however, looked very different. Suddenly the clever design of the dress was perfectly recognizable.

By the way: this is not the first time that Máxima has worn this dressing gown by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen. She had already performed them at an evening event in Amsterdam to celebrate her 50th birthday last year.

Then as now, fans are thrilled. They diligently leave comments under the current Instagram post of the Dutch royal family. “Máxima is wearing such a beautiful dress,” someone writes. Another person comments: “Queen Máxima is awesome!” Also read: “Máxima is always the most beautiful” or “Pure Elegance”.

This Thursday, the Oranje will visit the Swedish city of Gothenburg, after which Máxima and Willem-Alexander will return to the Netherlands. His three-day state visit began on Tuesday.

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