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Why Prince Harry couldn’t salute during the Queen’s funeral

Prince Harry did not salute Britain’s war memorial, the Cenotaph, in London during Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral procession on Monday due to a military uniform rule that dictates who must salute.

Since he was not in uniform, the prince did not salute his grandmother’s coffin or the cenotaph during the day.

The Duke of Sussex attended the funeral of his grandmother, the Queen, at Westminster Abbey alongside his father King Charles III, brother Prince William and several other family members royal.

After a week-long speech about uniforms and discussions about who was allowed to wear what, Harry appeared at the funeral dressed in traditional morning attire with his military service and ceremonial medals.

Despite having completed two tours of Afghanistan during his military service, Harry was not allowed to wear his uniform after stepping down from his role as an active member of the royal family in 2020, losing his military sponsorships after a period of one-year pardon set by the Queen which ended in March 2021.

Former serving members of the armed forces are allowed to wear their uniform on very rare occasions with the express permission of the Colonel-in-Chief of their regiment, who in Harry’s case is Princess Anne (being a former serving member of the Household Cavalry) or to a greater extent his father, King Charles.

Charles granted his son permission to wear his uniform, at his invitation, at a special vigil for the grandchildren at the late Queen’s state on Saturday night.

It was the first time the prince had appeared in uniform since 2020, and it was done, in part, because Prince Andrew, who also had his patronages stripped as he fought a sexual assault trial in 2022, was also allowed to wear his uniform for a vigil the night before.

Earlier in the week, as speculation over the issue of the prince’s uniform grew, he released a statement, through a spokesperson, saying he would gladly wear a suit in the morning for the ceremonial aspects of the Queen’s funeral in the hope that attention could be brought back to her grandmother’s legacy.

“Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex will wear a morning suit at events honoring his grandmother,” the spokesperson said. Pleasemynews.

“His decade of military service is not determined by the uniform he wears and we respectfully request that the focus remains on the life and legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

In keeping with this, Harry wore his morning suit for the state funeral and interment service for the Queen’s body at St George’s Chapel in Windsor on September 19.

The prince was accompanied at the day’s official events by his wife, Meghan Markle, who was seen shedding a tear outside Westminster Abbey following what had been an emotional ceremony.

Princess Charlotte, 7, the only daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales, was also seen emotional, shedding her own tears and turning to her mother for comfort.

The burial service in Windsor saw a number of crowned heads from Europe who had attended the funeral, many of whom were linked to the monarch through the common ancestor of Queen Victoria.

The ceremony included the lowering of the monarch’s coffin into the Royal Vault where Prince Philip’s coffin rests and an emotionally charged rendition of “God Save The King”.

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