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Why did Kaycee Clark leave “The Challenge”? Star explains ‘devastating’ outing

Kaycee Clark explained why she and her brother, Kenny, had to leave The Challenge: Ride or Die in the first episode.

In season 38 of MTV the challenge, 17 duos with seemingly unbreakable bonds compete to win their share of the million dollar prize.

Contestants include married couples, siblings and exes, as well as many familiar faces from reality shows such as The real world, rules of the road, big brother, the island of love other ex on the beachas well as seven times challenges Champion Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio.

Episode 1 of The Challenge: Ride or Die aired on MTV on Wednesday, October 13, but early on host TJ Lavin announced that Kaycee and Kenny had left the game.

Pleasemynews has everything you need to know about Kaycee Clark and why she left The Challenge: Ride or Die.

Kaycee Clark, 34, is a former big brother other challenges champion. She won season 20 of big brother in 2018 and won the Spies, lies and allies season of The challenge in 2021.

She had to compete on ride or die with his brother Kenny.

Kaycee and Kenny Clark’s exit was revealed shortly after the premiere began.

Lavin said, “Well, stating the obvious, we’re living in crazy times right now, and already Kaycee and Kenny had to quit the game.” No further explanation was given.

Nam Vo and Emmy Russ were brought in to replace the Clark siblings, while Horacio Gutierrez and Olivia Kaiser also joined as late additions.

Kaycee has now revealed why she and her brother were pulled from the game, explaining that they contracted COVID-19 while on a trip to Argentina for filming.

She said Weekly entertainment: “It was travelling, going to Argentina [to film this season], we ended up contracting COVID and getting sick. What’s crazy is that I didn’t experience any of the symptoms. I mean, I had a mild cold, but everyone else had a mild cold. But my brother and I had COVID, so we had to quit the game.”

It was the second time she had fallen ill with the virus, she said. She had to attend Big Brother: All Stars in August 2020, but had to drop out due to COVID.

“It was so crazy, and now for this, it’s weird how it keeps happening,” she said.

Clark described her and Kenny’s exit as “devastating” and said she felt bad that her brother, who had never been on the show before, was missing something.

She said: “I felt even worse for my brother because I had done this before. I did these crazy challenges, I had the experience of doing it, but not my brother. I was much sadder for him because if it came to me not coming back into the game and it was just me all by myself because of COVID, I’d be like, ‘OK, that’s what it is’, but I was more hurt for my brother.”

Pleasemynews contacted Kaycee Clark and The challenge for comments.

Kaycee and Kenny Clark weren’t the only team to leave The Challenge: Ride or Die during the premiere.

In the elimination, Tori Deal and Devin Walker defeated Sam Bird and Kailah Casillas-Bird, sending the newlywed couple home.

The remaining cast of The Challenge: Ride or Die is:

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