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Why Bad Bunny’s “Después de la Playa” was recorded in the Dominican Republic

Bad Bunny’s “Después de la Playa” was inspired by the Dominican Republic and was even recorded in DR with a live band. Here’s what we know about them A summer without you Track.

Bad Bunny thus cemented his reputation as one of the most popular artists in the music industry A summer without you This collection included “Titi Me Preguntó”, “Moscow Mule”, “Efecto” and “Me Porto Bonito” and stayed at #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 Music Chart for several weeks.

“It’s a summer beach playlist record,” Bad Bunny said in an interview with the New York Times. “When I was a little kid, my family went west on vacation… The album is very Caribbean in every way: with its reggaeton, its mambo, with all these rhythms, and I like it that way.”

The second song is the upbeat “Después de la Playa” recorded with live musicians in the Dominican Republic.

One of the most popular songs by A summer without you is the “Después de la Playa” enriched with merengue. Since its Spotify debut, this track has earned over 300 million plays.

According to Who Sampled, this A summer without you The track was recorded in the Dominican Republic, with Bad Bunny crediting his DR fans and boosting his career. In fact, this was one of two songs included in the 2022 release that were inspired by Dominican culture. (The other was “Titi Me Preguntó”.)

“He wanted to show his appreciation for their shared Caribbean culture with these two songs,” the same website states. “‘Después De La Playa’ was recorded in the Dominican Republic with a live band of local musicians.”

Influences from other genres and cultures appear in most of Bad Bunny’s songs. “Titi Me Preguntó” samples Santos’ 1999 track “No Te Puedo Olvidar”, while “Otro Atardecer” highlights the lounge/indie sound so prevalent in Marías’ music.

“Después de la Playa” means “after the beach” in English. This song tells the story of a person professing their love for a woman. There are also references to the beach and the sea in Bad Bunny’s lyrics.

“Tell me where are we going after the beach,” the artist sings in the chorus, according to an English Genius translation. “If we dry off I’ll bring the towel / And if we get wet again, but in my bed / I’ll give you a surfboard baby.”

This A summer without you The track was written by Bad Bunny, with the artist credited by his real name – Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio – on Spotify. Después de la Playa and other Bad Bunny originals are available on most major streaming platforms.

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