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Why are my Overwatch 2 characters locked?

Monitor 2 has been out for over a week now, and in that time Blizzard has made more than a fair share of changes. One of the more recent changes, however, had an unexpected result, and players reported that they had logged in to find half of their character roster locked and unplayable.

If you’re one of the unlucky players who log in to find part of your roster (or more) locked, then you’re probably curious what Blizzard is up to. Thankfully, the resulting character lockout doesn’t change how the game works. Instead, it’s an unexpected result of a change intended to lock Bastion and Torbjörn out of certain game modes.

The change was made because Torbjörn has an ability that doesn’t seem to trigger his cooldown, and Blizzard has had multiple reports of Bastion being able to infinitely cast his ultimate. Character locks seem hit or miss, and many players have reported that they’ve been logging into the game just fine since the last update was released to find up to 12 of their characters fully locked.

The bug appears to occur randomly, with some players not reporting any locked characters while others are now unable to play characters they know and love to play. Blizzard says the issue has to do with how it tracks player progress through Monitor 2waiters.

But this is not even the first time that users have encountered this problem since Monitor 2 Previously, players reported a similar issue, though it’s now more prevalent following changes made by Blizzard.

It’s worth noting that you won’t see Torbjörn and Bastion spawn in some game modes. As such, their absence from the roster isn’t a bug – it’s a temporary fix for the issues with these characters. They will most likely be added to these modes once their issues are resolved.

Players can still log in to upgrade the Battle Pass, even with the ongoing issues. Kiriko appears to be one of the characters affected by this bug, but if you still have the new Overwatch 2 roster member unlocked, you can familiarize yourself with Kiriko’s abilities to learn more about how to play her. In addition, Monitor 2The Watchpoint Bundle can give you a head start on collecting skins and other items for your favorite characters.

It is unknown when Blizzard will fix this issue. For now, however, players should try to make the most of the unlocked characters available to them and be sure to report any issues to Blizzard to help resolve any further issues that arise.

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