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Who was Michael Allio’s wife? How the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star’s partner died

Bachelor in Paradise contestant Michael Allio spoke about his late wife.

The reality show, which features contestants who have been on different seasons of dating shows The single person other the bacheloretteis back on ABC for season eight.

Allio was a fan favorite on season 17 of the bacheloretteKatie Thurston’s season, and even made it to the final four before quitting so he could go home and be with his young son.

The star was seen opening up about a romantic relationship following the death of his wife, Laura, who gave birth to their boy, James, shortly before her death.

Pleasemynews has everything you need to know about Bachelor in Paradise the late wife of star Michael Allio.

Michael Allio met Laura Ritter (later Laura Ritter-Allio) when they were both students at Loyola University Chicago. The couple married in 2012 and four years later welcomed their son.

Laura was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2017 and died in January 2019 at the age of 33. After the death of his wife, Allio created The L4 Project, a website that sells clothing and donates 100% of profits to charities that help improve the lives of cancer patients.

Following his passage on the bachelorette in 2021, Allio said he sought approval from his late wife’s parents before joining the show. He told the bachelor happy hour Podcast: “My decision to, you know, start this journey isn’t just my own. So there are a lot of people affected by this in my world, people I really love and cherish.

“I said that before I decided to go on the show, ‘I wouldn’t go on unless my in-laws gave me their full approval.’ Basically, it’s my ‘going out to do something’ that may make me feel uncomfortable, but they’ve been supportive too.”

In the season eight premiere of Bachelor in ParadiseAllio said he hasn’t dated since his last stint on reality television.

“Since leaving Katie’s season, I’ve taken some time off and just got back to my normal life as a dad,” he said.

Speaking about how his son feels about joining the cast, Allio added: “Since Laura passed away he wants a mother figure. He feels that missing piece. And I really hope to find someone here so that James and I can take this next step in our lives.”

Reveal why he felt comfortable leaving James, now 6, again after quitting the bachelorette and ending her romance with Thurston to be with him, Allio told Access: “James was at a very different time in his life. A one year difference is a lot in a child’s life.

“So we were able to talk about it a lot more, and we approached it in a very different way this time than the first time. He’s being watched by my parents and my in-laws. excited to have this time, but we’re going to miss each other.”

Pleasemynews has contacted a Thurston representative for comment.

Join Allio in the Bachelor in Paradise the cast of season eight are the bachelorette season 19 stars Logan Palmer, Johnny DePhillipo and Jacob Rapini, as well as Shanae Ankney, Jill Chin and Hunter Haag from The single person season 26

Jesse Palmer, seen recently hosting Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season the bacheloretteis back as a host, having been confirmed as the franchise leader in 2021.

Wells Adams, who participated in the 12th season of the bachelorette and married modern family actress Sarah Hyland, 31, in August also reprized her role as the island’s resident bartender.

Bachelor in Paradise season eight airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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