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Who is Mermaid in “The Masked Singer”? Fans spot the main telltale signs

The Masked Singer fans think they may have found the famous face behind the mermaid costume.

The theme for Season 8, Week 4 of the Fox singing show is “Andrew Lloyd Webber Night”, and the famous British songwriter features as a special guest on the celebrity panel alongside regulars Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke.

Mermaid is just one of the performers to take the stage on the Wednesday, October 12 episode and takes on Maize and Robogirl, whose identities are also a mystery.

In an excerpt from the Webber episode, which aired exclusively on Pleasemynewsthe 74-year-old musical legend, who is the man behind musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera other catscan be seen discussing Mermaid’s identity with the other judges.

Webber speculates the star could be Gloria Estefan, while Jeong thinks the clues point to the performer being Cher.

Longtime host Nick Cannon, who recently welcomed his 10th child, can be seen shocked by Jeong’s suggestion in the footage, and Webber also disagrees, saying the mermaid isn’t Expensive.

While Webber and Jeong gave their guesses in the preview clip, fans made their own predictions ahead of the episode.

A viewer took to social media to say he thought the mermaid could be Chloe or Halle Bailey.

The musical sisters, who recently acted as guest judges in make the cutare famous for their duets, although Chloe has recently released her own solo music.

Halle is also set to play Ariel in the 2023 live action version of The little Mermaidwhich the mermaid costume could be a huge nod to.

Posting on social media to give their opinion, one fan wrote: “My guesses for masked singer S8E4 (Andrew Lloyd Webber Night)

Corn—Melora Hardin
Mermaid – Chloe or Halle
Robogirl – Kaitlyn Bristowe.”

After the show posted the mermaid’s X-Ray clue to YouTube, a seashell, others commented to wonder if it could be Tia Mowry.

Tia’s twin sister Tamera Mowry appeared on The Masked Singer in season 5, in 2021, wearing the Seashell costume.

So far The Masked Singer Season 8, William Shatner, Montell Jordan, Chris Kirkpatrick, Eric Idle, Jeff Dunham, Daymond John and The Brady Group stars Mike Lookinland, Christopher Knight and Barry Williams were revealed as the voices behind the masks.

In previous seasons, only one contestant was unmasked per week, but this time around the celebrities have been split into groups and compete within their cohort to be crowned king or queen, with only one performer unmasking them. until the following week.

Costumes are yet to come The Masked Singer Season 8 features Avocado, Beetle, Bride, Lambs, Milkshake, Scarecrow, Sir Bugaboo, Venus Fly Trap, and Walrus.

The show’s executive producer, Craig Plestis, recently revealed that this season’s costumes are actually clues to the identities of the performers.

hey said Weekly entertainment: “Especially for some like Venus Fly Trap, this costume is a clue. This season, all these costumes, there is a real reason why every celebrity is in every costume.”

The season 8 nominees have also been confirmed to have 32 Grammy nominations, 16 Emmy wins, eight gold albums, four Golden Globe nominations, 42 books, ten Teen Choice Awards and five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Famous.

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