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Who is Maize in “The Masked Singer”? Fans are convinced they know the identities of celebrities

Season 8 of The Masked Singer has entered Week 4 and the competition is seriously heating up.

Already, seven celebrities have been unmasked, and two more will be revealed on Wednesday’s show.

Tonight, Maize will make her debut on the masked singer, face the week Andrew Lloyd Webber.

One of the fan favorites this year is brand new character Maize, and fans are sure they know which celebrity is singing in costume.

Pleasemynews has everything you need to know.

Maize is one of the exclusive new characters appearing in season 8 of The Masked Singer.

The celebrity in the eye-catching suit, complete with bright yellow corn, a sleek green dress and an orange headpiece makes her debut on Wednesday’s show, where she will perform a hit from one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals.

Not only does Maize hope to impress the audience and the judges, but they will also have to win the heart of Andrew Lloyd Webber himself who will perform on the show and serve as a panelist.

Just who is under the mask remains unknown at this time, but that hasn’t stopped fans from guessing.

One of the biggest clues revealed about corn on The Masked Singer to have been revealed so far is her love for corn and butter.

In a Mask-Ray video where Maize undergoes an X-ray, a cube of butter flashes across the screen with the words “CLUE DETECTED!!!”

As a result, some fans have been led to suspect that brand new veteran chef Paula might be under the brand new mask, simply because she’s well known for using butter in the majority of her recipes when she appears on shows. of the kitchen.

Deen even has her own website with a section called “Everything’s Better With Butter.”

pour oil on the flame, The Masked Singer executive producer Craig Plestis recently said Weekly entertainment that this season there’s a “real reason” every celebrity has matched their costume.

But others The Masked Singer fans suspect actress Melora Hardin might be in Maize’s costume.

Hardin is best known for playing Jan in the American version of Office and Jacqueline in The fat guy.

Her talents as an interpreter are no secret, since she recently participated in season 30 of Dancing with the stars.

fans of Office will also know that Hardin has a gorgeous voice in the much-loved episode where she sings “Son of a Preacher Man” to her newborn baby Astrid.

Hopefully Maize survives the chant tonight and fans will be offered a fresh batch of clues to continue the guessing game.

Celebrities to reveal on The Masked Singer so far are:

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