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What John Lennon said about Jesus just before he died


John Lennon discussed his views on Jesus in 1966, the same year as his infamous “More popular than Jesus” comment. Just before he died in 1980, John revealed what he thought of Christ’s words. Remarkably, towards the end of his life, John identified as “religious,” but he had his own definition of what that meant.

The book Lennon on Lennon: Conversations with John Lennon contains an interview from 1966. During the interview, John talks about what he thought about Christianity at the time. He said he was raised Christian; however, he did not profess the faith.

On the other hand, John said he was not “antichrist.” He believed the good things people were saying about Jesus. He said his comment that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus” was made casually and he wasn’t trying to say that the Fab Four were superior to Christ.

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The book All We Say: The Last Great Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono contains an interview from 1980. In it, Yoko said that people often understand God as an old man with a beard. “They don’t know it’s an old woman with a beard,” he said. “[Chuckles] It’s easier too
identify with a human as with a concept.

“That [Muslims] tried by not allowing pictures,” he added. “There is a little bit of that in the Christian church; the agnostics, which means self-knowledge, were the true essence of Christianity, but they were exterminated or chased into the mountains.”

John then promoted individual religious figures. “Read the words of Christ, read the words of Buddha, each of the great words,” he said. “But we don’t need the imagery and the ‘You must worship like me or die’. People got the picture that I was an antichrist or an antireligion. I am not at all. I’m a highly religious guy.” John found the message of Christianity to be very similar to the message of Marxism.

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John explained what religion meant to him. “I am religious in the sense of [admitting there is] more than you think,” he revealed. “I’m certainly not an atheist. There’s more we could know. I think this magic is just a way of saying science that we don’t know yet or haven’t explored yet. It’s not anti-religious at all.”

John caused controversy with his comments about Jesus, but towards the end of his life he urged his fans to read the words of Christ.

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