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What is the most boring song? Internet weighs on its least favorites

Everyone has their most hated song, the one that if they stopped it from ever existing, they wouldn’t have to think twice about zapping it from the universe.

Redditor u/themoonisgoneforever—named after another song, “On Top of the World” by Boys Like Girls—took to the popular forum r/AskReddit, earning 17,900 upvotes and 23,700 comments for his post, “What song bores you every time you hear it?”

The songs listed range from irritating commercial jingles, repetitive country songs and viral cuts on TikTok, but what makes a song boring? Artists Komar and Melamid were curious about this and worked with composer Dave Soldier and lyricist Nina Mankin in 1997 to create what they called “The Most Unwanted Song”.

Soldier, basing his idea on earlier work by Komar and Melamid on the most undesirable painting, designed an extensive survey of musical tastes and asked 500 people about the things they most wanted to hear in a song – and that they least wanted. The survey included topics, genres, instruments, length, and other measurements.

“The Most Unwanted Song” ended up being a 22-minute monstrosity that randomly jumped genres and combined such disparate elements as a children’s choir singing holiday-themed Walmart jingles, bagpipes, a cowboy-themed opera rap and more. The song included the occasional use of profanity, what Mankin described as “intellectual content”, political buzzwords like “pork barrels” and “special interests”, a German verse and a vocal accusing the listener of having “murdered all the innocent children”. “

While none of the songs listed by Redditors were as irritating as Komar, Melamid, Soldier, and Mankin’s work, elements of it can be found in nearly every suggestion.

The highest-rated suggestion came from u/this_is_too_goo, who got 20,600 upvotes for suggesting the Shangri-Las’ “Remember (Walking In the Sand),” despite describing it as “”Oh no.” .. oh no .. oh no no no no’ , no idea what it’s called but everyone hates it I think.”

The 1964 hit – which is also Billy Joel’s first appearance on record, as he plays piano on the cut – recently went viral on TikTok and was sampled by Capone for his song “Oh No”.

“I walk in the sun: I used to work at a summer camp and they played it every morning on a loop for about 5-6 minutes for campers to come in,” u/big_cheesee suggested, referencing 1983’s Katrina and the waves hit. “I don’t know why they decided to keep inflicting this psychological trauma on everyone, but it stayed with me for over 15 years.”

Pharrell’s “Happy” was another common song popping up in the thread, with u/msnyder87 saying the song always had the opposite effect on them: “OK! this song makes me the opposite and pisses me off lol. Redditor u/rdickeyvii suggested pretending to hear the “Weird Al” Yankovic, “Tacky” version instead.

“Everything about that bass for me. It’s not even that I hate the lyrics, but whoever designed the instrument completely forgot to add some sort of bass to the song. It just gets to me more than anything,” u/tirosey124 said about Meghan Trainor’s melody.

The viral children’s song “Baby Shark” was another contender, with more than 100 people expressing their hatred for the cup.

Country music also appeared on the list a few times.

“That country pop song that keeps saying ‘if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be meant to be meant to be meant to be meant to be with me, with me , accompanied by me, accompanied by me’. Nothing more boring than a song that reached the top of the charts and was probably written in less than 3 minutes with a repetitive chorus that lasted forever”, wrote u/unbiasedasian about “Meant to Be” by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line.

Walker Hayes’ “Fancy Like,” famous for appearing in Applebee commercials, was also on the list.

“The moment I realized it was a real song that someone had put on an album…I was speechless. I really thought it was just an Applebee commercial,” wrote u/5hrs4hrs3hrs2hrs1mor.

“Literally the worst song in the world. I can’t believe it made it to the radio considering how many people have something to go through to get on the radio. For example, are we being trolled by the industry? Were we bad? Because this song is punishment,” u/SurferRosa85 added.

Speaking of ads, other users have called out common jingles.

“That stupid Liberty Mutual jingle, if it matters,” u/ofthisredearth wrote.

“Yeah, it’s not ‘We Are Farmers Dum da-dum da-dum da-dum’,” u/Tokasmoka420 agreed.

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