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‘Wednesday’: The reason Jenna Ortega needed her own casting director

The Netflix series Wednesday posits a Wednesday Addams who’s grown up a bit. Jenna Ortega stars as a teenager on Wednesday. It’s such a distinct role that the character received her own casting credit, distinct from the rest of the cast. Creators Al Gough and Miles Millar explained why.

Gough and Millar were guests on The Hollywood Reporter’s The top 5 of television Podcast on October 28 for a preview of the series. They explained the casting of Ortega and why Wednesday got her own casting director. Wednesday now streaming on Netflix.

Wednesday started with the title character. So, casting directors who worked on it Wednesday The first few years may not have been available to fill the remaining roles.

“Well the search continued and we obviously started looking for Wednesday before we started looking for the rest of the cast and I think that’s how that credit came about,” Gough continued The top 5 of television. “I agree, it’s certainly also one that we haven’t seen before.”

Ortega stood out in those early auditions. Ortega had finished filming Scream and was in the middle of her next horror movie X.

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“We saw hundreds and hundreds of young actresses for the show,” Gough said. “But when we found Jenna, she was just perfect. The first time we spoke to her was on Zoom and she was filming in New Zealand X and she had been up all night. Even just talking to her and then she did a scene right over Zoom and we all acted like she was the one. Miles, me and Tim [Burton], we all kind of knew it right away. It’s just one of those things. You know she’s out there and all you have to do is find her.”

Millar also emphasized why Wednesday’s role was exponentially more important for this particular version of The Addams Family. Since they were basing the show on Wednesday, they had to devote more resources to Wednesday Addams.

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When Ortega impersonated the role of Wednesday Addams, Gough and Millar realized they had signed over her. Ortega could say something with a look that didn’t require dialogue.

“It was an ongoing process,” Gough said. “We meet up with her and Tim every morning and go through the scenes. Of course, once Jenna got into the role and we could see it, we could go to the scripts and make adjustments in the future if we knew what we needed and didn’t need. We went in there every day and filed and tuned.”

Millar added: “It was definitely an elimination process. There are a lot of really great lines that we didn’t need. It was too much. The weight of the lines felt too heavy. It was something sad and new for us to have to edit, but in the end it was actually a very good process. It was certainly a way to explore the character and really find that voice.”

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