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“Wednesday”: Jenna Ortega says a lot of what happened on set was improvised

Netflix’s latest hit TV show is Wednesday. Based on the character who became a pop culture icon through the 1991s The Addams family, this series focuses on the anxious teenager. The series, starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, focuses on the 16-year-old outcast trying to solve a dangerous mystery and fit into her new school

Tim Burton directed half of the series, and Ortega says a lot of what’s on screen was actually improvised at the moment.

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In the new Netflix series Wednesday, Ortega embodies the title character. At 16, Wednesday doesn’t exactly fit into normal life, and her parents enroll her in her alma mater, Nevermore Academy, to find her tribe.

The official description for the new TV show reads:

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Working with Tim Burton, who served as executive producer on the series and directed the first four episodes, no two days were the same. In fact, a lot of what happened on set was improvised at the moment.

Burton just “made fun of it,” Ortega told Rappler. she explained

From see how beautiful and well done Wednesday Audiences will surely think that Burton had planned things perfectly.

As eager as the 20-year-old actor was to step into the role. Some aspects of Wednesday’s performance scared her.

“Especially working for the first time with someone like Tim Burton, who’s a legend … you know you never really know what’s in store for you and you want to do a good job, and I respect that character so much that I just love him wanted to do right,” she told Rappler.

But after nailing Wednesday’s fashion sense and blank stare, Ortega absolutely nailed the role.

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