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“Wednesday” has a love triangle for the goth teenager – and it’s worth it

Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) has witnessed the stifling affection between her parents. In the Netflix series Wednesday, fans get their dose of love-dove infatuation between Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez Addams (Luis Guzmán). In true Wednesday fashion, she’s repelled by it. but Wednesday is a coming-of-age story for the macabre teenager, she also faces the woes of a love triangle while solving a few mysteries.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wednesday.]

Wednesday’s journey begins when she visits Nevermore Academy, a school specifically for outcasts. Fans soon meet Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White), the school’s “resident tortured artist” who once dated Queen Bee Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday). Behind Xavier’s sombre exterior lies a kind soul who can transform his drawings into animated objects. He also lives in the shadow of his famous psychic father.

His and Wednesday’s stories collide when he saves her from being killed by a falling gargoyle. It’s crystal clear that Xavier has feelings for the dark teenager. In the infirmary, he reveals that they met as children at his godmother’s funeral. They played hide and seek and Xavier hid in his godmother’s coffin. Wednesday saved him on the way to the crematorium. Fans are already getting a little romantic spark.

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But Wednesday also meets Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), a common man who works at the local coffee shop. She helps him fix the espresso machine in exchange for a way out of town. Unlike others, Tyler isn’t overly concerned or scared about how Wednesday is. But he happens to be the local sheriff’s son. As time goes on, Tyler also shows his interest in Wednesday. Thus begins an enticing love triangle in the Wednesday Series.

While fans did catch a little teaser Wednesday featuring a love story from the trailers, the series is worth checking out. Tyler and Xavier don’t hide their feelings for the macabre teenager. But since Wednesday isn’t privy to romance, she has no idea how to handle it. Xavier makes explicit flirtatious remarks. He’s even excited when Wednesday invites him to the annual dance, unaware that she used him as a cover to investigate the murder and the monster.

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Meanwhile, Wednesday gets closer to Tyler and expresses his feelings for her. But he’s frustrated that Wednesday doesn’t try to be empathetic or make her feelings for him clear. Her date with Xavier is canceled when Wednesday suspects him of being the monster and the killer. Thing intervenes and personally invites Tyler to the annual ball. There is no denying that there is tension between Wednesday and Xavier. He even goes to the ball with his ex and stares at Wednesday. Xavier wants to forget his feelings for her.

The series does a great job of getting fans to cheer for the two male characters. While Tyler accepts Wednesday for who she is, Xavier has a certain undeniable charm. While Xavier is upset about Wednesday, he can’t contain his feelings. In his art shed, Wednesday sees his portrait of her and gets scared of what it means.

During the investigations in Wednesday, Tyler becomes an ally in uncovering the truth. He even takes her on a cute date and they watch a horror movie. Naturally blond. But the love triangle gets complicated when Xavier is arrested on Wednesday for being the Hyde and the killer. His trust in her is shaken. As fans have guessed, Wednesday falls on Tyler.

After believing she has caught the killer, she finds Tyler to confess her feelings and share their first kiss. But their visions set in and Wednesday reveals that Tyler is the real monster. Wednesday ends in heartbreak, but fitting for the female lead. While romance isn’t in Wednesday’s repertoire, the series does an excellent job of incorporating it into what the character is passionate about. Someone unsure what it means to love or have feelings for another person.

It’s also fitting that the first crush and kiss is on Wednesday with a serial killer. But through them Wednesday Finale breaks up the love triangle. But Xavier remains a good friend, and there are hints of potentially more when the characters return Wednesday Season 2. Since Gomez and Morticia found their true love at Nevermore, it may be Wednesday in the future as well.

Wednesday can be streamed on Netflix.

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