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Vaud is awarding four new artist residencies for 2023

The canton of Vaud has awarded four new artist residencies for 2023. They last six months and are all worth CHF 9,000. The Berlin workshop will welcome Stefania Carlotti in the first semester, followed by Adrien Chevalley. The Paris residence is attributed to Morgane Erpen, who will be succeeded by Charly Mirambeau.

A total of 21 application dossiers reached the canton’s cultural department: eight for Berlin and thirteen for Paris. The canton announced on Wednesday that the four selected projects had been validated by the Minister of Culture.

A scholarship in Berlin was awarded to Stefania Carlotti (1994). She works in Lausanne and obtained a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in Milan in 2016, followed by a master’s degree in fine arts from the Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) in 2019. She has based her work in Switzerland, Italy and France exhibited, Belgium and Portugal. His project “Elegy of decorum” is inspired by the polysemy of the term “decor”.

The second goes to Adrien Chevalley (1987), who lives and works in Vevey. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the Geneva School of Art and Design in 2009, he obtained a master’s degree there in 2012. He has presented his work in Switzerland, Germany and France and was awarded a Leenaards cultural grant in 2017.

After working in bas-relief for several years, Adrien Chevalley wishes to explore classical and mythological sculptural themes in Berlin, to intertwine with his history or personal interests.

The Paris residence in the 700th Atelier vaudois will welcome Morgane Erpen (1991). After studying at Eracom and subsequently earning a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from ECAL in 2016, her work mainly consists of installations and sculptures. It is linked to experimentation, research into the material and the current way of life. The artist has previously exhibited in Switzerland, France and Egypt, where she has benefited from artistic residency programs.

Finally, Charly Mirambeau, born in Bordeaux in 1995, lives and works in Lausanne. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in fashion design obtained in Paris in 2017 and a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from ECAL in 2019, he regularly presents his plastic and literary works in Switzerland and has just received his first Francine-Delacrétaz -Prize “Visual Arts and Performance”. His works take the form of short stories, often auto-fictional, or installations that explore power relations, voyeurism or struggle.

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