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Unusually deep insight: Princess Sophia shows off her tattoo

At the reception of the Dutch royal couple, Sophia of Sweden wore a high-necked gown, which, however, offered a rare insight into the back.

Princess Sofia is known for her sense of style. At official appearances, Prince Charles Philip’s wife is always in perfect style and usually wears very elegant clothes. So also when you meet the Dutch royal couple.

Willem-Alexander and Máxima are visiting their royal colleagues in Sweden for three days. For the official reception at the Stockholm palace, Sofia chose a rather simple-looking dress.

The calf-length red robe was closed to the neck at the front, and the long sleeves didn’t show much skin. In addition, the 37-year-old combined coordinated accessories, such as a décolleté, a handbag and a headband. But the princess’s back clearly attracted attention. Because her neckline decorated with a small bow gave a clear view of her tattoo. With her hair pulled up, her body jewelry became even more in focus.

A sun can be clearly seen between Sofia’s shoulder blades. A rare sight, because the Swede usually covers this part of the body with jewelry, hair or clothing. Tattoos are still a rarity among royalty and are not welcome. Sofia had the motif engraved before staying in the royal family – it is a remnant of her rather wild past than hers.

Today’s princess worked as a bikini model, lived a festive life, and made several appearances on reality TV. Her relationship with the Swedish royal couple’s son drew much criticism at first. With the wedding in 2015 and the birth of their three children, however, she has become more and more peaceful. He remembers only little of Sofia’s story, like her tattoo.

And this is not the only image that beautifies her body. Sofia wears a small butterfly on her back and an inscription on her right ankle with the letters E for her for her father Erik, M for her for mother Marie, L for her for her sister Lina and S for her for her sister Will be. A tendril of flowers wrapped around her left shoulder, which she had since removed. However, the princess still sticks to the other grounds.

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