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Tyra Banks calls DWTS contestant’s boyfriend the wrong name on live TV

Tyra Banks made a big flub on “Dancing with the Stars,” and when she apologized for it the following week, she fluttered again.

On the October 3, 2022 episode of the Disney+ dance show, Banks gave a shout-out to contestant Charli D’Amelio’s friends who were in the audience. In addition to her sister Dixie, one of the supporters was D’Amelio’s boyfriend, musician Landon Barker, 19, who is the son of Blink-182 drummer/current Kardashian husband, Travis Barker, and his ex-wife, Shanna Moekler. But when Banks pointed viewers to the group, she accidentally called Landon “Logan.”

“Charli’s friends Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker and Logan Barker are here,” Banks said during the episode. “I know you are very proud right now.”

The awkward exchange confused both fans and Dixie D’Amelio, who Banks failed to recognize. Dixie laughed at Banks’ mistake as the camera turned to the group.

On the October 10, 2022 episode of “DWTS,” D’Amelio, 18, was dressed as Marge Simpson for a high-grossing jazz with pro partner Mark Ballas. But ahead of the judges’ scores, Banks took a moment to explain her faux pas from the previous week.

“I called your friend Landon Barker and his name is Logan,” Banks told D’Amelio during the live show, before realizing she’d ruined Barker’s name again. “Okay, I just said it backwards,” she added. “What’s wrong with me? Why am I not getting this right? They said it in my ear last week, I was wrong. Now that I read it and I misunderstand.”

“Hello, Landon,” Banks said, addressing Barker directly. “I’m sorry. Your wife did so well tonight. That’s what live TV is, it’s a lot of mistakes. We’re keeping it real because it’s live. I apologize again.”

On social media, fans of “Dancing With the Stars” reacted to Banks’s repeated mistake.

“Please tyra don’t call landon ‘Logan’ again,” a viewer tweeted. “No way she mentioned landon logan AGAIN,” another wrote. “Not the Landon thing AGAIN… Tyra babes,” another tweeted. “ITS LANDON NOT LOGAN,” another fan reminded of banks.

D’Amelio’s fans watched her romance with Barker unfold over the summer. According to Us Weekly, the teen celebrities first sparked dating rumors in June 2022, with an insider saying they were “getting to know each other and having fun.” D’Amelio officially became Instagram with Barker in July 2022.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, D’Amelio described her new boyfriend as “very sweet.” About her public romance with a celebrity son, she added, “I think it was really hard for a long time, but now I’m living life first and thinking about what people are going to say next.”

The Tik Tok superstar also told Page Six that her boyfriend will be with her “every step of this journey” on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“I’m glad he will be there to support me,” D’Amelio added. “He’s excited for me. He’s always super sweet and excited when I’m excited about something.”

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