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Two current ‘Vote’ contestants spark online dating rumors

Participating in “The Voice” can be a very stressful and demanding time. Between rehearsals, wardrobe changes, sound checks, and live episode taping, contestants are always on the clock, so it’s natural for the singers to develop close friendships with each other.

This week, however, fans are speculating that a friendship could be taken to the next level following a series of posts that show Team John’s Parijita Bastola and Team Gwen’s Kique Gomez spending a lot of time together.

Here’s everything you need to know.

As two of the younger contestants this season, 17-year-old Parijita Bastola and 18-year-old Kique Gomez became fast friends. Gomez has previously referred to Bastola and fellow 17-year-old Team Blake singer Rowan Grace as his “best friends” on Instagram, and the three have all shared posts with the other two artists during the season’s airing.

While all three friends have been posting with each other throughout the season, fans started reading Bastola and Gomez’s body language in their last Thanksgiving posts. Bastola, Gomez and Grace all spent the holiday together with fellow Team Blake contestant Bodie.

Gomez wrote in his Instagram post, which includes a photo of him and Bastola embracing while taking a mirror selfie, “It’s been a bittersweet thanksgiving this year. On the sweet side, I’m so grateful for all the opportunities @nbcthevoice has given me. And I’m even more thankful for the incredible people I’ve met here. I love you all so much. On the bitter side, I had to spend Thanksgiving away from my family and that sucks. But if I want to have a mock Thanksgiving with someone, I’m glad it was with my @nbcthevoice family. I love you all. HAPPY THANKSGIVING 🦃🍁🍽”

Fans immediately started speculating that this mirror selfie signifies a deeper relationship between the two, with one fan asking in the comments, “Are you and parijita together omg. You guys would be so cute 🥰”, and another fan was quick to jump to conclusions and wrote, “YOU ARE TOGETHER OMGOMG AWWWE 💕🥺”.

Bastola herself shared a Thanksgiving message highlighting some of the people she is thankful for this year, including her coach John Legend, her mother Bira Tiwari who has been with her on this “Voice” journey, and her fellow participants, including a photo with Gomez kissing her on the cheek under a Christmas tree arch.

Fans consider Bastola’s post and Gomez’s comments (“I live you”, “Love”, “Shhh”, “yk [stands for you know, as in ‘You know what I mean’]”) as further evidence of a possible relationship, with a fan asking if this is the “official soft launch??!! okayAAY”.

If the rumors about Parijita Bastola and Kique Gomez’s budding show are true, they wouldn’t be the first. Season 4 contestants Colton Swon and Caroline Glaser met while filming their season. Despite both starting on Team Blake, Glaser lost her “Put Your Records On” battle and was stolen by Adam Levine. Glaser finished the season in the Live Playoffs, while Swon and his brother took third place, the furthest any duo had ever reached at the time.

The two dated for years after the season first aired in 2013 and finally tied the knot in 2018, according to Swon’s Instagram post.

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