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TV insiders are “stunned” by Lisa Wilkinson, who is hosting The Project’s coverage of the Queen’s funeral

Channel 10’s decision to send its star presenter Lisa Wilkinson to the UK to cover Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral has raised eyebrows among television insiders.

Wilkinson is, of course, the wife of journalist and commentator Peter FitzSimons, Australia’s most vocal Republican and leader of the Australian Republic Movement.

The “irony” of her arrival in London as the presenter of Channel 10 and The Projects coverage of Her Majesty’s funeral on Monday apparently caught the eye of many industry figures, reports The Australian’s Media Diary.

While the Australian Republic Movement (ARM) has temporarily suspended its aspirations for a republic until after the Queen’s funeral, its leader FitzSimons has long campaigned for the British royal family to be wiped out of Australian political life.

He has also previously made public statements criticizing King Charles III, the former Prince of Wales, and told Daily Mail Australia in June he expected Republican sentiment “to get a boost once Australia leans closer.” and look at the new king”.

However, sources at Channel 10 said there were no qualms about sending Wilkinson, who has had an impeccable knowledge of royal affairs as a magazine editor for decades.

The Queen’s funeral is also a “logical” task for the veteran broadcaster, a network insider told Media Diary while covering Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding for The Project in 2018.

Before that, she managed Nine’s coverage of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011 when she co-hosted the Today show with Karl Stefanovic.

Chris Bendall, executive producer of The Project, claimed he didn’t know if Wilkinson was a monarchist or a Republican like her husband.

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Channel 10 for comment.

It comes days after Wilkinson’s former Today co-host Stefanovic and his on-air partner Allison Langdon criticized those who called for a Republican debate before the Queen was even buried.

Stefanovic said Saturday it was “rude” to even have the conversation during a period of mourning, before targeting FitzSimons and former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, a founding member of the ARM.

He noted that the fact that the movement had “pasty white boys” as its flagships would guarantee its failure.

“There are still people out there who do that [pushing for an Australian republic]. I just find it so rude,” Stefanovic said on air.

“Let me tell you it’s not going to happen as long as you have pasty white dudes like Peter FitzSimons and Malcolm Turnbull in Australia,” he added.

Langdon agreed, adding, “I told Peter that if he were at the forefront of the movement I would always vote for a monarchy.”

Australia last held a republic referendum in 1999, with the country choosing to remain a constitutional monarchy.

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