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Trudeau seen singing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ ahead of Queen’s funeral video

Video footage shared on social media showing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau performing a Queen’s classic Bohemian Rhapsody while visiting London is authentic, said a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office.

Trudeau, 50, is currently in the UK, where he was among world leaders – including President Joe Biden – who attended the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on Monday.

According to social media posts, it appears Trudeau also took some time off to indulge the proverbial delegation that had joined him from Canada.

A day before the ceremony, video footage was posted on TikTok and Twitter showing the Liberal leader singing the enduring 1975 hit while standing next to a piano.

“I actually like a good piano bar. I haven’t been there since before COVID, it reminds me that I should check one out near me”, wrote Toronto Sun political columnist Brian Lilley on Twitter. “Last night PM at the Savoy in London singing a little queen…for the queen…”

The clip sparked a strong reaction online, where a number of the prime minister’s critics called it a disgrace, while his supporters shot back that he showed a human side to Trudeau.

Canadian journalist Keean Bexte, who criticized Trudeau for the singing video, posted the video to his account, saying the video was taken at another location in London.

“This is the lobby of the Corinthia Hotel”, Bexta tweeted. “I was there yesterday and I met with Governor General Trudeau. […] This is where the Canadian delegation is staying. It’s not a big fake, but rather one of the most embarrassing Trudeau moments to date.”

Wearing a t-shirt, Trudeau was shown in the clip singing the song’s lyrics with passion, while Canadian musician Gregory Charles, an Officer of the Order of Canada, played the piano and sang.

The Prime Minister and his delegation appeared to have spent much of their trip in Corinthia London, with social media users identifying them in photos taken over the weekend.

Trudeau traveled to the UK with a delegation that includes Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh, Governor General Mary Simon and 16 others.

At the Queen’s funeral, Oh, Charles, Olympian Mark Tewksbury and Cross of Valor recipient Leslie Palmer were among four Canadians who took part in a procession of recipients of national honours.

Each member of the party was included in Canada’s delegation in recognition of their artistic skills, heroic deeds and athletic achievements.

In an interview with Canada’s The Globe and Mailwhich was published on Sunday, Charles revealed that on Saturday night he sat at the piano in their hotel lobby and entertained the delegation and other guests.

He said the upbeat moment, which he said included Trudeau, reminded him of funerals in the Caribbean, where mourning is often associated with celebrating the life of the deceased.

“Everyone sang with me for two hours,” Charles told the publication. “It was the feeling, it was a lot of fun.”

A spokesperson for Trudeau confirmed the authenticity of the video to Pleasemynewsadding that the Prime Minister had joined in the singing as Charles entertained the guests.

“After dinner on Saturday, the Prime Minister joined a small gathering with members of the Canadian delegation, who gathered to pay tribute to the life and service of Her Majesty,” the representative said. Pleasemynews. “Gregory Charles, a renowned Quebec musician and recipient of the Order of Canada, played the piano in the lobby of the hotel, which led some members of the delegation, including the Prime Minister, to join.

“Over the past 10 days, the Prime Minister has taken part in various activities to pay homage to the Queen, and today the entire delegation is taking part in the state funeral.”

Pleasemynews has contacted representatives of Savoy London and Corinthia London for comment.

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