Monday, October 3, 2022

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Tim Allen dragged for Biden remarks: ‘It passes for comedy in TrumpWorld’

Conservative actor Tim Allen is under fire for a joke he made on President Joe Biden on Monday. Some on social media were outraged by the joke, but others said the Home improvements star has to work on improving his own comedy material.

Allen’s joke brought up the president’s Sunday appearance on the long-running CBS show 60 minutesduring which Biden touted the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and hinted he may not seek re-election in 2024.

It seemed that Allen, who considers himself part of the relatively small club of “Hollywood conservatives”, might have been waiting for such an appearance. The next day, he took to Twitter with a new joke.

“Biden was on 60 Minutes,” Allen wrote in the Tweeter. “I heard he asked how long the show was.”

The internet is collectively groaning. Allen’s tweet quickly went viral, thanks in large part to his detractors.

Some Twitter users pointed out that Republican President Donald Trump once completed a 60 minutes interview prematurely, with some reports saying he had “stormed” the set. Others claimed Allen was “disrespectful” to the current president.

And some on social media have compared the actor to other conservative stars.

“Tim Allen is the Randy Quaid of comedians”, a Twitter user wrote. “It passes for comedy in TrumpWorld.”

“And that, kids, is why Tim Allen isn’t the voice of Buzz Lightyear anymore,” someone else wrote in a tweet. “He’s completely Scott Baio. Or is it Kevin Sorbo? Meh, what’s the difference.”

In June, many conservatives and Allen fans pushed back against the casting decision to have Captain America actor Chris Evans plays Buzz Lightyear in the character’s recent origin film. Everybody loves Raymond actress Patricia Heaton clapped Light year filmmakers and insisted they “castrated” the role in their decision not to cast Allen.

Publicity writer Cliff Schechter also referenced the film in his own takedown of Allen’s Monday tweet.

Hey wrote “145 minutes. That’s how long the new Buzz Lightyear movie is. Have you seen it?”

Despite the mountain of criticism Allen received, some Twitter users rushed to his defense. Aliscia Andrews, a former Republican candidate for Congress from Virginia, said in a comment that he would always be her “favorite comedian”, adding a laugh emoji

Another person also came to Allen’s defense, writing, “Imagine not being able to laugh at a joke. Y’all in the comments are in serious trouble.”

Pleasemynews contacted all representatives and the White House for comment.

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