Monday, October 3, 2022

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TikTok star Anna Paul buys a $245,000 Mercedes-Benz “Whiteboard” car and invites fans to autograph it

TikTok sensation Anna Paul bought a “whiteboard” Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen and is inviting her fans to leave messages on the vehicle and sign it.

On Monday, the 23-year-old, who shut down Perth’s CBD with a runaway fan event last month, posed with the luxury ride, which already has several fan messages scrawled on it.

One message, written in red highlighter, said it was “a good day to have a good day” while another had an arrow pointing to the car’s handle and said “pull here”.

Anna wrote in the caption: “Draw on my car. YOU made it possible, YOU draw from it. Don’t worry, it rubs off just like a whiteboard.”

Many of her two million followers came up with creative suggestions as to what message she should write on the vehicle.

One suggested a love heart, while another cheekily wrote that he hopes no one uses permanent markers.

Anna made headlines last month after an event she moderated in Perth’s CBD descended into chaos.

Fans of the black-haired star hit out at a popular activewear label organizing the meet and greet.

Western Australia Police were forced to shut down the event featuring the influencer – described as Australia’s Kim Kardashian – after rowdy fans stormed the shopping center where she was performing, causing a crowd.

Hundreds of teenagers flocked to a Stax pop-up shop in Perth’s CBD to see Anna in person as she tours the country.

When the crowd got out of control, the police intervened and ended the event just 15 minutes after it started.

Anna was quick to take to social media after the chaos, apologizing for canceling the event and saying she had tried to work with the police to control it.

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