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Three months after his death: Dieter Wedel is buried in the desired location

Director Dieter Wedel died three months ago at the age of 82. Only now did his funeral take place in a very small circle.

Dieter Wedel was buried Wednesday in the presence of seven people in Bad Nauheim, Hesse. It was he longing for him to find him his final resting place in the city where he grew up, reports “Bild”. The urn of his wife Ursula Wolters, who died of cancer shortly after the director, found a place next to Wedel.

Why it took so long for Wedel’s funeral – he died on July 13 – is explained by the newspaper with a disagreement among mourners about who will take care of the funeral of the director and director. He had been cremated since late July, Wolters since August. Now the two are buried in the Wedel family tomb. Eventually, a former employee of the screenwriter took care of the organization.

According to the report, there were only seven people on site at the Bad Nauheim cemetery near Frankfurt am Main. Wedel’s son was also present with actress Hannelore Elstner, 41-year-old Dominik Elstner. He carried his father’s urn from the chapel, where prayers were held for a good hour, to the tomb, although the relationship between father and son was not good. Wedel’s youngest son, Benjamin Volland, 23, did not come to the funeral service.

In addition to Elstner, the director of the Bad Hersfeld Festival, Joern Hinkel and his wife Nadja attended the ceremony as guests. Also present were Lottofee Franziska Reichenbacher, who was a close friend of Wedel, and three other people close to him.

Wedel died this summer, shortly before a Munich court wanted to announce whether there would be a trial against him on rape charges. In 2018, several actresses had sexual assault allegations against Wedel. The #MeToo movement has also picked up speed in Germany. After the charges against Wedel went public, he resigned as director of the Bad Hersfeld Festival, Hinkel is his successor.

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