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‘This Is Us’: 1 star accidentally ate raw turkey while filming a Thanksgiving episode

Happy Thanksgiving, This is us fans! Unfortunately, the NBC series ended in May 2022, so there won’t be a new Turkey Day episode to look forward to this holiday season. However, we can still reflect on the good (and bad) times the characters had on that special day. And there’s a behind-the-scenes story from a Thanksgiving episode that will make you thankful for the boiled turkey on your dinner table.

As fans recall, Thanksgiving became the Pearsons’ favorite holiday after a road trip went awry This is us Season 1.

When the Big Three were young, they headed off to spend the holidays with Rebecca’s parents. However, neither of them were happy to leave. Luckily for them, a tire blew out on the way. The family had to walk 3.4 miles to the nearest gas station for help. However, it was Thanksgiving so it was difficult to get help. And they had to stay in a creepy motel for the night.

Jack being Jack was determined to turn their horrible day into a great one. He bought hot dogs, cheese and crackers at the gas station and created a new Thanksgiving specialty – cheesy cracker hot dogs. Jack stole too Police Academy 3 and a hat from the motel’s receptionist, Pilgrim Rick. And from that moment on, the Pearsons had new Thanksgiving traditions.

Every year they do a 3.4 mile hike, eat cheesy cracker hot dogs, watch Police Academy 3, and someone puts on the Pilgrim Rick hat. And with the exception of Season 5, all of them This is us Season has an episode dedicated to Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately not all This is us Actor had a pleasant experience filming the Thanksgiving episodes. During an interview with Insider, Hannah Zeile, who played Teen Kate, shared a funny behind-the-scenes story on a holiday episode.

As the article points out, the This is us The cast actually eats during the dinner scenes. But some foods are safer than others, like mashed potatoes, because, as Zeile said, “even when these things are cold, they’ll still taste good.” However, Niles Fitch, who played Teen Randall, didn’t follow those rules when he was shooting a Thanksgiving scene.

“I don’t know why Niles decided a year ago to take a whole turkey leg and just take a big bite out of a turkey leg,” Zeile shared. “It was totally cold, and then it was almost raw inside.”

But Fitch kept eating so as not to ruin the shot. Row added: “He was trying so hard to keep a straight face but his face was like — he just looked sick. When they finally cut, we all laughed our heads off.”

After that horrifying experience, Fitch would “cut it open before he even dares bite the flesh” for the future. This is us Thanksgiving Episodes.

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To celebrate the holiday, we have compiled a list of the This is us Thanksgiving specials. Each episode is packed with emotional moments and chilling revelations, so we recommend watching it with a box of tissues and a side of boiled turkey.

All Thanksgiving episodes of This is us can be streamed on Hulu.

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