Monday, October 3, 2022

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“They were screaming, ‘Shut up, look down’.” : The Pogba affair gets even darker with new testimony…

This weekend, Mathias Pogba was charged with “extortion in an organized gang” but also “participation in a criminal organization in preparation for a crime”.

At his side, 4 other suspects were arrested and subsequently jailed on charges of “extortion with a weapon in an organized gang”, “arrest, kidnapping, kidnapping or arbitrary detention in preparation for or facilitating the commission of a crime or ‘crime’. , and “participation in a criminal organization in preparation for a crime”. For his part, Paul Pogba is currently under the protection of the authorities in Italy and this Monday Le Monde unveiled his statement. In Chanteloup-en-Brie, in Seine-et-Marne, on March 19, 2022, Paul had given his version of the facts to the police.

After being threatened by two people, the footballer explained that shortly after a party, he was taken to an apartment not far from Paris by people who considered them “friends”. The player then had to turn off their smartphone and it was eventually confiscated.

“I was afraid. The two guys pointed their guns at me. So when I was pointed at them like that under threat, I told them I was going to pay. They yelled, ‘Shut up, look down’. (…) One of the two hooded men whispered in Roushdane’s ear (one of the 5 suspects who were arrested, ed.) When the hooded guys left, Roushdane told me I had to pay them or we’d all be in Danger,” Paul continued.

According to the player, the sum demanded from him was around €13 million, of which €3 million was in cash.

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