Friday, December 2, 2022

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These are the guests "River boat" November 25th

Every Friday at 10pm the “Riverboat” draws nearly half a million people to its screens. These guests await the audience today, November 25th.

In 1992 the flicker

Talk show – at that time still under the name “MDR Club” – for the first time on the screens. Two years later, the format was renamed “Riverboat” and has stuck to the name ever since. The program is now one of the most important talk shows of the third.

It offers “a lively and exciting East-West blend of biographies, stories and news,” states the MDR show description. Well-known faces will also gather this Friday to share amusing anecdotes and interesting experiences from their lives.

Starts tonight at 10pm on MDR and RBB. If you missed the episode, you can watch it later for free in the media library.

The talk show is taped alternately in Berlin and Leipzig. Both editions are hosted by Kim Fisher. After a nine-year break, he resumed the moderation of the television format in 2014. In Leipzig he is in front of the camera with the weather presenter Jörg Kachelmann.

In Berlin, the singer welcomed her guests with bestselling author Sebastian Fitzek. She turned her back on the ‘Riverboat’ in August 2022. Later this year, Kim Fisher will have a guest presenter on the Capital Editions.

From 2023, the talk show will only be filmed and produced in Leipzig. RBB, which produces the Berlin episodes, withdraws from the show at the end of the year and leaves the field alone to MDR. The reason for this decision: the audience rating.

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